Murano Labels 2

This paper-backed foil label was used in the 1950s. I have also found it on pieces made in the 1960s. The The elephant pictured below had both the paper and foil labels that are shown. A similar label without the paper back was used 1970-90s.
This paper label was introduced in the mid-1960s. It was replaced in the 1970-90s by a similar label that had a smooth edge.
One of the most commonly seen label on Cenedese glass is the foil strip label. It is shown here with the shield label. I do not have the dates for the strip label. I suspect it was used on pieces made 1970s and later in conjunction with the shield label.
Effetre International
Effetre International Vetri Murano VM label showing their number 023
The lower labels are in poor condition. The Vetri Murano VM label was made so it couldn't be removed without destroying it. The VM number of Formia is 041. These numbers were used in the 1990s. The VM labels are easily confused with the later Promovetro labels that have a VAM number. Formia's VAM number is 037.
Franco Moretti
Franco signed his name either Franco Moretti or Moretti Franco. The first picture shows the Moretti label. The last picture shows a plastic label from the Italia Collection.
Fratelli Toso
This is probably the most common label seen in the US. I've noticed the label comes in a couple of different sizes and intensity of blue. Sometimes the blue washes off, but the arrangement of words is unmistakable. I couldn't find the dates the label was used, but I have seen it on glass that was made 1950-early 1970s.
This FT label has the stylized letters. It came in a couple of different shapes -- tall and broad rectangular. No dates are available. A plastic label was the stylized FT was used from the late 1960s into the 1980s. 
The Castle Import label is found on many pieces of Fratelli Toso glass. I believe that Fratelli Toso was the only Murano glass imported by Castle. I do not know anything about the company itself. The glass with Castle labels looks to be c. 1960s.
Galliano Ferro
These are three of the main labels used by Galliano Ferro in the 1960s and 1970s. The photo of the red label is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.
Gambaro & Poggi
Gambaro & Poggi often used a Vetri Murano and plastic label together. I have seen VM numbers of both 38 and 39 on G&P glass. Their present VAM number is 022.
One of the stamped signatures on the base of a dolphin. Often G&P glass is signed M. Gambaro (or some variation).