Murano Labels

Acknowledgement: Much of the information about the dates of the labels in this section is taken from Marc Heiremans Murano Glass: Themes and Variations. I recommend this book highly as a reference for Murano glass collectors.
Aureliano Toso
This circular foil on paper label has lost its color. It was used in the 1940-50s. The label reads Vetraria Aureliano Toso Murano.
These paper labels were two of the ones that were used during the late 1950-60s.  
Date of label unknown. Assumed to be contemporary.
Artas Signature. Photo is courtesy of Jerry Schultrich.
Label came in red, blue, or green. Used from late 1940-60s.
Label was one of the ones used from the 1940-70s. Very similar to the Archimede Seguso label, but is not scalloped and has the word Italy in the middle with a star under it.
The Decora Import label can be found on many AVeM pieces. Decora is a NY company that imported AVeM glass into the USA.
Alessandro Barbaro
Alessandro Barbaro signature
Alfredo Barbini
This is a label remnant that was on the bottom of a documented VAMSA bird. It is not legible, but is included here to show the scalloped form of the label. It is only one of the labels used by VAMSA.
These two labels are used together on glass made for Weil Ceramics & Glass, c. 1960. The strip label was used for the stock number and the crown label gave the company name. The smaller label with the stylized rooster head in the middle is generic. The larger label is often on the side of an item and the stock label on bottom. Often the stock label is the only label left. It is distinctive.
Barovier & Toso
This paper-backed foil label was used 1936-55.
This paper label was also used 1936-55. A similar one with rounded corners and smaller letters in "Made in Italy" was used in the late 1950-60s.
This is one of the labels used 1971-84. The labels used during this time had the BT logo.
A faint 3-line signature was found on better B&T glass made 1971-84. Signatures after 1984 were more deeply engraved, so show up better.