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The assortment of Murano animals that have been made over the years is huge. Many of the pieces were made in bulk to fill the stores in Venice, as well as to export. People love good Murano animals. Unfortunately, there are no complete sources of information about these animals. One has to piece together the bits of information that are published in the books on Murano glass, in cabinets, and on internet sites. There are a few pages on the web that are devoted to the animals. These useful links are given here. Many other sites have a few Murano pieces. These sites are devoted to the animals. 

Recommended Books
There is a scattering of information among the various Murano books. The books that are listed below have more information than most, so are worth considering if you are interested in Murano animals.
  • Barovier, Marina and Attilia Dorigato, eds, 1996. Animals in Glass, a Murano Bestiary. Canal & Stamperia Editrice srl, Venice. 135 pages. The book has a sample of work from designers and companies such as Barovier, Barbini, DaRos, Poli, Cappellin, Martinuzzi, Zuccheri, and others. There are large, excellent pictures of many classic works.
  • Pina, Leslie, 2007. Archimede Seguso, Mid-Mod Glass from Murano, Lace & Stone. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, Atglen, PA. 223 pages. This book has good sections on the fish, birds, and mammals made by Archimede Seguso. A total of 59 pages are devoted to non-human animals. The pictures and information are excellent. Other Pina books on Italian glass and Fratelli Toso have a bit of information on animals, but not nearly as much as this one does.
  • Dolez, Albane, 1988. Glass Animals: 3500 Year of Artistry and Design. Abrams Inc. Publishers, NY. 224 pages. This book covers the history of glass animal making. It covers animals from different countries over the ages. It is an interesting read for people who are interested in glass animals. Venetian glass is included, but is a small portion of what is available in the book.
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