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Archimede Seguso Bearded Collie Bottle for Bischoff Brandy
This is an alabastro bottle made for Bischoff Brandy in the 1960s.  It was made to hold Bischoff's cherry wine. The bottle is a little over 11 inches tall.
Archimede Seguso Bearded Collie Bottle for Luxardo
This green and yellow bottle was made in the 1960s for Luxardo. It was made to set either on end or on its feet. The bottle is 11.75 inches tall. Notice how the tail and feet of the Luxardo bottle stick out, while those of the Bischoff bottle are attached to the body.
Salviati Dog
This Salviati dog was probably made in the 1950s. It is signed and has a Salviati label on bottom. It is a monochrome olivaceous brown color.
Seguso Vetri d'Arte Poodle (checking attribution)
These dogs were attributed based on another of this design that had the Seguso VA label used 1940-1960. The poodle comes in different colors, standing or walking, and with or without bows. They don't have any ears. The blue dog is 7.5" (19 cm) tall. The red w/vaseline dog is 9.75" (25 cm) tall. Photos are courtesy of Jerry Schultrich (blue) and Roy Jones (red).

Zanetti Poodle
This elegant poodle has a Zanetti label on its side. The dog is a big one. It is 12" tall and 10" long and weighs in at 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg). Photo is courtesy of John Newman.

Franco Moretti Cat
These large cats show the artistic silver and aventurine work of Franco Moretti. The cats are signed on bottom. The eye-catching combination of colors and metals are characteristic of much of Franco Moretti's work. Photo of the red and blue cat is courtesy of Tami McCoy. Photo of the green and blue cat is courtesy of David Hoffman.
Fratelli Toso Dog Paperweight
This 4" tall dog paperweight has olive details and a Fratelli Toso sticker on its base.
Archimede Seguso Dachshund Bottle for Bischoff Brandy
This alabastro bottle was made for Bischoff Brandy in 1965-66. It is 17" (43 cm) long. Photo is courtesy of Rick Audinot. 

Archimede Seguso Black Cat Bottle for Bischoff Brandy
This bottle is about 10 inches long. It was made in the 1960s for Bischoff Brandy. Leslie Pina writes that the glass is actually a very dark brown in her book Archimede Seguso. The eyes are made like cat's eye marbles.
Archimede Seguso Siamese Cat
These cats are made of pink and white alabastro. According to Leslie Pina in her book Archimede Seguso, they range in size from 4.75-7.5 inches. The cat pictured is one of the large ones. The cats are made with rose or grey faces with applied black or gray details.
Fratelli Toso Dog Head Paperweight
This green and clear glass paperweight has a Fratelli Toso label on bottom. It has green button eyes and applied crimped cane beard and collar.
Milliaccio Dog Head Paperweight
While we're on the subject of dog head paperweights... I recently saw a paperweight similar to this one with a Milliaccio label. The label had "Murano Glass" written on it. I'm not sure if Milliaccio is a furnace or a store. The paperweight is 5.5" tall.
Cenedese Dachshund or Basset Hound
These 8" (20 cm) long dogs are very similar in form to one made by Barbini. The Cenedese dogs have angled legs, however, and the tails are attached either to the top or right side. The dogs in these pictures art uranium glass. The dog on the right has Cenedese engraved on the underside of its belly.

Jordan Import Co. Dog with Hat
This dog design appears in the Catologs of Jordan Import (JICO) in the early 1970s. It is 5.75" (14.6 cm) tall and 8" (20.3 cm) long. Photo is courtesy of Dan Farrell.

Seguso Dalla Venezia Dog
It is a treat to find these dogs with a label. Several companies made these shaggy dogs. This one has a SDV label on its neck. The dog stands about 5" (12.7 cm) tall. Photo is courtesy of antiquerose123 of the Fossilfly Murano Board and Angela Bowey's Glass Message Board.