Fish & Invertebrates 1

Salviati Fish
This masterful fish has a Salviati label on bottom. If you enlarge the fish, you'll see the twist of the tail that is found in many of the Salviati fish. The fish is 11 5/8" (29.5 cm) tall. Photos are courtesy of Ken Dale.

Seguso Dalla Fish Astray
These ashtrays, along with the matching lighter, are often sold as Cenedese or Barbini. The ashtray on top is 6.5" wide and has a Seguso Dalla label. The ashtray and lighter on bottom do not have labels, but have the same type fish and seaweed, so are probably SDV. Photos of the square ashtray and lighter are courtesy of Jerry Schultrich.

Archimede Seguso Magnum Fish Paperweight
This 4" paperweight has an Archimede Seguso label on bottom. It has a pale turquoise/gold fish swimming among clear pulegoso and dark turquoise rocks.
Alessandro Tagliapietra Fish Paperweight
This small 2.2" paperweight is about 1" thick. It has the original label on back. I've read that Bucella makes similar paperweights.
Archimede Seguso FIsh
This gorgeous turquoise alabastro fish has an Archimede Seguso label on bottom. The label is the type useds on glass made in the 1980s.
Archimede Snail Paperweight
This brown and gold snail is very unusual. It is sommerso blown with a spinose vessel in the middle that is dusted with gold. There is an Archimede Seguso label on bottom.

Cenedese Crab
This crab has a scavo finish. It is 4.25" (10.8 cm) long.

Fratelli Toso Fish
The form of this fish is very typical of Fratelli Toso. Some of the fish have lips that stick out more. The form comes in many colors and decorations, some with a satin finish and others with a glossy finish. The shape of the tail can vary from fish to fish. The photos of the two fish on the right are courtesy of Jerry Schultrich.
Fratelli Toso Magnum Fish Paperweight
This is a heavy 4.5" paperweight that has a Fratelli Toso label.
E&R Paperweight attributed to Fratelli Toso 
This ovoid paperweight is almost 4.5" tall. It has an Ebeling & Reuss (
E&R) Golden Crown import label (Pennsylvania). They often handled Fratelli Toso products, along with products from other Murano companies. It is attributed to Fratelli Toso based on its characteristics.
Fratelli Toso Daisy & Butterfly Paperweight
A single butterfly flies among the daisies in this 3" paperweight. There is a Fratelli Toso label on bottom.

Archimede Seguso Fish
This fish is very similar to the several of the other fish on this page, but has the crown and a larger mouth. The dark colored glass is black amethyst. The fish is about 4" (10 cm) long and 5" (12.7 cm) to the tip of its tail. It has an Archimede Seguso label. Photo is courtesy of Ralph and Sue Jones.

Archimede Seguso Fish
This beautiful fish was designed by Archimede Seguso. Leslie Pina shows a green one like it in her book Archimede Seguso. The fish in the picture is 4.25" (10.8 cm) tall and 3.5" (8.9 cm) long. Photo is courtesy of Mark Redmon.