Birds by Others 1

Jordan Import Company (JICo) Pheasant
This design is made with different colors, decorations, and bases. The body and tail colors are made separately. The eyes are like circular buttons. This is a very common design. The pheasant vary in size from around 12"-17" (30.5-43.2 cm). Photos of the three birds in the middle row are courtesy of Peter Coluccio. Photos of the three birds on the bottom are courtesy of Dan Farrell.

Jordan Import Co. (JICo) Bird Dish
This dish design is one of the most popular imported to the US by JICo in the 1960s. It was made in a variety of colors. Some bowls have the bird looking forward. Other bowls have the bird looking back. Photo is courtesy of Linda Welch.
Galliano Ferro Dove
These pretty opaline bird have GF labels on bottom. The design is distinctive in having fat wings and the typical GF nib bill. The bird on the left is 4.3" (11 cm) long and 2.2" (5.5 cm) tall. Photo of the bird on the left is courtesy of Jonas Ingloff. Photo of the bird on the right is courtesy of David Fisher.
Here are two doves of this design used on a candleholder. Each bird is about 5.25" (13.3 cm) long. The branch is 13" (33 cm) long.

Alessandro Pianon for Vistosi Red Bird
This brilliant red bird was designed by Alessandro Pianon for Vistosi. It is Model No. S 193, c 1962. The classic form sets on wire legs. The pictures are side and front view of the bird. Photos are courtesy of Jerry Schultrich.

Alessandro Pianon Pulcino Bird for Vistosi
This curious bird is the Pulcino glass bird by Alessandro Pianon for Vistosi, 1960. The bird is 7" (18 cm) long and 4" (10.5 cm) tall. Note how the wire legs fit into the glass tubing of the bird. Photo is courtesy of C. Olvera.

Ferro & Lazzarini Penguin
This penguin has color filaments running through its body. It has a Ferro-Lazzarini label. The penguin is 5" (12.7 cm) tall. Photo is courtesy of Chris Cooper. mark.games9 on eBay
Gambaro & Poggi Rooster
This rooster is a contemporary bird by Gambaro & Poggi. It is 4.75" (12 cm) tall and has a plastic G&P label and a Promovetro label with G&P's number 022 on it. (Note the VAM labels have different numbers than the older VM labels.) Photos are courtesy of Thomas Wilson.

Bottacin Red-winged Blackbird
This beautiful bird was made by Bottacin. The figure is 6" (15.2 cm) tall and 8" (20.3 cm) long. It has a Bottacin label on the base. Photo is courtesy of Rick Audinot.
Arnaldo Zanella Bird
This sweet 4" bird is signed Zanella Murano on bottom. Zanella worked under Pino Signoretto before venturing off on his own. He now works with Zanetti VA. A bird of this design but with a Luigi Moro signature was shown on the Fossilfly group. Zanella markets some of his work through Moro's company, Colleoni.  
Renato Anatra Cockatiels
This sculpture was created by Renato Anatra. It is signed R. Anatra on bottom and has a Vetri Murano (VM) label with the number of 043. The sculpture is 15.5" tall. I believe the birds are cockatiels. Photo is courtesy of Leo Clements.
Artas Murano Geese or Ducks
These smoky clear glass birds are signed Artas Murano on bottom. The tall bird is 8" tall. The bowed neck bird is 5.5" tall. Photos are courtesy of Jerry Schultrich.
Livio Seguso Cockatoo
This cockatoo figure has a neodymium (alexandrite) crest. The body has uranium, so it glows under black light. The bird is 6" tall and 3" wide. It is signed on bottom. Photo is courtesy of Tami McCoy.
Gabbiani Ducks
This large duck is 10" (25.4 cm) long and 4.5" (11.4 cm) tall. It is signed Gabbiani on bottom. The duck is blown glass, so is hollow. The base is slightly concave. Photos are courtesy of Dan Farrell.
This duck is the same design, but is white with gold and is larger. It is 11.8" (30 cm) long and 5" (12.8 cm) tall. The duck is signed Gabbiani on bottom. Photo is courtesy of Christoph G. Földing.

Jordan Import Co Egret
This strange bird stands 13 5/8" (34.6 cm) tall. It is an import piece that was brought into the US by JICO in the 1960s. Photo is courtesy of Dan Farrell.

Pauly Duck
This wonderful layered duck has a Pauly label on bottom. Various people made glass for Pauly, and they had their own furnace as well. It is difficult to say exactly who made this duck for them. Photos are courtesy of Thomas Wilson.

Maestri Vetrai Dove

The big dove has a Maestri Vetrai label on its back. It is 16.5 cm long and 11 cm tall -- much larger than the V Nason birds that look so similar. The bottom picture shows the Maestri Vetrai dove next to a Nason dove. Photos are courtesy of Jonas Ingloff.