Mammals with Cloven Hooves

AVeM Llama 
This amusing llama is 8" tall and 3.5" wide. It has its tongue sticking out. The llama looks like a peg-legged animals, but each of the legs have a groove down the back, so they are horseshoe shaped. The llama has an AVeM sticker on its rump.

Jordan Import Company Deer
This was one of my favorite animal sculptures -- not because it was great art, but because the deer had such a priceless "caught in headlights" look. It took a while to attribute it. I thought it was probably a JICO import. I finally found one with a JICO label. The deer are about 6.5" (16.5 cm) long.
Alfredo Barbini Deer Fawn
This delightful fawn was made by Alfredo Barbini for Weil Ceramics & Glass, c 1960. The fawn has flat oval bubbles on each side that are peppered with gold to make spots. The fawn is 6.25" long. The legs are folded under it and each leg has a hoof. Similar deer are made by at least one other company, but the legs are not formed this way. The Barbini deer has its original Barbini for Weil label on its neck and a paper label on its base. 

Archimede Seguso Black & White Ram
This ram is part of Archimede Seguso's bianco nero fantasy series. It is about 6.5" long. The black and white paste glass is applied to the surface.
Licio Zanetti Bull
This bull is made of neodymium (alexandrite) glass. It is signed Zanetti L on the bottom of its hoof. It is 8" long (20 cm) and 6" tall (15.2 cm). Photo is courtesy of Ken Nicol.

Salviati Bull
Thes handsome bulls were made by Salviati. They come in different sizes and colors. The cranberry bull is about 8.25" (21 cm) long. The blue bull is 4.9" (12.4 cm) long. The blue bull has a Salviati label on bottom.
Cenedese Steinbock
This large sculpture is nothing short of impressive. It is 18" (45 cm) tall and weighs 8.8 lb (4 kg). It is signed Cenedese on bottom. The people at Cenedese confirmed that the signature was theirs and that the sculpture was probably from the 1950-60s. Similar sculptures with this style legs were marketed by Salviati. The Salviati pieces have plastic labels, so they are probably from 1970s. Photo is courtesy of Dave Bending.

Archimede Seguso Ram
This gorgeous ram's head is crystal clear. It is signed Archimede Seguso on bottom. The figure is 6.5" tall and 6" wide. Photos are courtesy of Martin Coomber.
Fratelli Toso Pig
This blue opalescent pig is 3 7/8" long and has no tail -- never did. The pig is solid glass. It has a Fratelli Toso label on bottom.
Jordan Import Company Camel
This camel was imported into the USA during the 1960s by the Jordan Import Co. (JICO). The camel still has the original sticker on its side. The camel is 8" (20 cm) long and 6.5" (16.5 cm) tall. Photo is courtesy of Jason Chang.

Cenedese Bull and Bear Wall Street Sculpture
Such a cool sculpture! I don't know the measurements yet, but it is large and heavy. The sculpture was made using a scavo technique. It is signed on top of the base "Made for Mr and Mrs Jack L Clark 1960 Cenedese Murano." Photo is courtesy of Rdown65 of Fossilfly Murano Glass Forum.