Birds by Salviati

Salviati Birds
This smooth design comes in different colors, with slight differences in the shape of bill and tail. The birds on the top row have a Salviati label on bottom of the type used in the 1950s. The birds are about 4" long. Photo of the bird on bottom is courtesy of Horst Weigele of Fossilfly's Murano Glass Board.
Salviati Swans
These swans are 5.5-6.5" tall. The green one has a Salviati sticker on the bottom. The pink one on bottom has a Camer Glass label. They are very similar to swans made by Barbini and Fratelli Toso. The Barbini swan has a small bill. The Fratelli Toso swan has a straight bill. The Salviati swan has a long and curvy bill. Otherwise they are very similar. Photo of the green swan is courtesy of Jerry Schultrich. Photo of the pink swan is courtesy of Dawn Button.
Salviati Pheasant 
This pheasant is 17" long. Attribution is taken from birds of this design that had a label. The Salviati pheasants are very similar to ones made by Seguso, but the Salviati birds have a ridged crest with a pronounced curl at the end. There is a carefully made, circular recessed pontil. They come in various colors and sizes.

Salviati Chicken and Bird
This chicken and bird both have Salviati labels on bottom. The bird is the same form as those to the right. Both the rooster and chick are 5" (12.7 and 12.6 cm) tall. Photo is courtesy of Jonas Ingloff.

Salviati Pheasant
This pheasant is a slightly different design. The crest and leaves are different and the tail lacks a curl. It is 14" (35.5 cm) long and 8" (20 cm) tall. Unmarked. Attribution is from a signed pheasant of this design. Photo is courtesy of Peter Coluccio.

Salviati Owl
This massive owl is a Salviati creation. It is 9"  (22.9 cm) tall. Other companies make similar owls, but the eyes and base are different than the Salviati owls. The owl in the picture has an Alvin retail label on bottom. Photo is courtesy of Ryan Evans.
Salviati Swan Salts
These are19th Century swan salts, not marked, but of the form made by Salviati Dott. These swans are notable because often they have sloppy glass work. The bowls could be swirled, diamond quilt, ribbed, or bubbled. Most, but not all, had gold. There were many different colors. Old Salviati swans often had twisted bills and sharp points in the glass. They were not carefully made. The applied wings were separate from the tail. They were different sizes. I've seen them from 3-6 inches.
Salviati Duck
This transparent peach duck is 6" long and has a Salviati label on bottom.

Salviati Bird
These birds are cased in clear glass. They are 5.25" (13.3 cm) long from tail to bill. The white bird has a Salviati label from the 1970s on bottom. These birds are made both with or without gold. Photos are courtesy of Dan Farrell.

Salviati Bird
These sassy fellows were made by Salviati. The design has three tail feathers and a base with a crease in front. It is very similar to some Archimede Seguso designs except for the tail feathers. The pink bird has a Salviati label on bottom. It is 4.9" tall (12.5 cm). The blue bird is a little small at 4" (10.2 cm) tall. Photo of the pink bird is courtesy of Anik Rec of Czech Glass Collector on Etsy.

Salviati Ducks
These pretty lavender ducks have Salviati labels on bottom. The ducks are 6" long and 3.5" tall. Photo is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.

Salviati Pheasant
This pretty bird has a Salviati label on bottom. It has a curly twist of the tail on the end that is often seen for Salviati pheasants. The sculpture is 9.4" (24 cm) tall. Photo is courtesy of Jonas Ingloff.

Salviati Bird Sculpture
This gorgeous structure has a Salviati label on bottom. The sculpture is 21" (53 cm) tall. Photo is courtesy of Rich Audinot.

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