Birds by Formia

Formia San Marco Doves (Pigeons)
These pictures show some variations in the Formia San Marco Dove designs. Doves come in different colors, with or without gold. They have head up or down. The heads may be straight or turned. The wings are folded and can have different lengths. The birds are about 6" long. Photo of the amber birds on bottom are courtesy of Dan Farrell. Photo of the blue birds on bottom are courtesy of Peter Coluccio.
Formia Cockatoo
Formia makes beautiful cockatoos with many different poses and decorations. Some have small wings extended, while others have their wings folded. Some artists copy the Formia birds, but the copies are usually not as well done. This silver cockatoo is 12" (30 cm) tall and was designed by Maestro Francesco in 1984 as a piece in the Hamilton Collection Exotic Birds of the World. 

Formia Red Lory Designed by Maestro Francesco
This pretty red bird sets on a clear glass base. It has the Vetri Murano (VM) label with the number 041 for Formia. It is 8.5" (21.6 cm) tall. It was made as a piece in the Hamilton Collection Exotic Birds of the World in 1984. Photo is courtesy of David Hoffman.

Formia Rubenio Parakeet Designed by Maestro Francesco
This pretty bird has both wings outstretched and a Formia label on the base. It is 9.25" (23.5 cm) tall. It was made as part of the Hamilton Collection Exotic Birds of the World in 1984. Photo is courtesy of David Hoffman.

Formia Penguin
This Formia penguin has a green color wash down the dorsum. The glass is made in different colors. The penguin has a Formia label on its back. Photos are courtesy of Linda Welch.
Formia Stylized Bird
This elegant bird is a tall one -- 22" (56 cm) tall. It has a Formia label. Photo is courtesy of Chris Cope.
Formia Dove (Pigeon)
This bird is a variation of the ones to the left. It has open wings and the tail is folded. The bird is 6" (15 cm) long.

Formia Bird
This Formia bird is designed by Maestro Francesco for the Hamilton Collection Jeweled Glass Birds. Birds based on this type design were also produced later. Some have their bills open, while others have their bills closed and heads turned. Some have folded wings, while others have open wings. Some have fanned tails, while others have folded tail. The bird in this picture is 5" long (12.7 cm).

Formia Bird
This Joyful bird is 7" (18 cm) tall.

Formia Bird
This sommerso Formia bird is similar to the ones above, but has a straighter tail and a colored bill. Photo is courtesy of Dan Farrell.

Formia Cockatoos or Parrots
These cockatoos are very similar to the Maestro Francesco bird on the left, but have different details.  Note the differences in the tails, wings, and crests. The green and gold bird on the bottom left is 16" (40 cm tall). The blue cockatoo is 13.75" (35 cm) tall. The stripped cockatoo or parrot is 11.5" (39.2 cm) tall. Photos of the birds in the bottom row are courtesy of Thomas Wilson.
Formia Herons
These pretty birds were made by Formia di Murano. Attribution is from a pair that had Formia labels. Photo is courtesy of Leo Clements.
Formia & Elio Raffaeli Birds

The birds in the second picture were made by two different companies. The one on the left is by Formia and the one on the right is by Elio Raffaeli. The Formia bird looks like an ibis. Attributions are from labeled or signed birds of these designs. The picture on the left is a closeup of another Formia bird. Photo on the left is courtesy of Linda Welch Photo on the right is courtesy of Ken Nicol.