Birds by Aureliano Toso

 Aureliano Toso Bird
The bill form and simple body shape are typical of the Aureliano Toso birds. The bird has an Aureliano Toso label on bottom. The bird was about 5" (12.5 cm) long if I remember correctly.
Aureliano Toso Bird
It is always a pleasure to find an Aureliano Toso bird. This bright fellow is 7" (17.8 cm) long. It has an Aureliano Toso label on bottom. Photo is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.

Aureliano Toso Bird Bowls designed by Dino Martens
These elegant bird bowls were designed by Dino Martens in 1954. The glass has a fasce filigrana that was blown into a ribbed mold to give the wavy a trina (lace) effect. The female bird is Model No. 6073, according to Heiremans in his book Dino Martens. The male bird may have the same model number, but I am not sure. Photos are courtesy of Jerry Schultrich of Fossilfly's Murano Glass Forum.

Aureliano Toso Goose
It's always nice to find Aureliano Toso pieces, not because they are particularly artful, but because they are not as common as many others. This gold goose is 4.5" (11.4 cm) tall and has an Aureliano Toso paper label on bottom. The fat rump is very distinctive.
Aureliano Toso Bird
This bird has a similar design to the bird on the right. It has an Aureliano Toso label on bottom. The bird is 4.7" (12 cm) long. It has the tooling mark along the left side of the bill that is so common in Aureliano Toso birds. Photo is courtesy of Jonas Ingloff.
Aureliano Toso Chicken Cock Vase
This pretty vase is a Dino Martens design for Aureliano Toso 1952. One similar to it, but is a trina bianco nero pattern, is shown of Pg 100 of Marina Barovier's Animals in Glass. The bird in the book is 9" (23 cm) tall. Photo is courtesy of C. Olvera.

Aureliano Toso Chicken
The bird has a fine mezza filigrana throughout the body and gold in its crest. This bird is often professionally attributed to Aureliano Toso, but I am not convinced. It is very similar to birds made by IVR Mazzega. It would be nice to find one that had a definite company label. The ones I have seen have a generic label that is often seen on Aureliano Toso pieces.
Aureliano Toso Rooster designed by Dino Martens
This beautiful bird is a well documented rooster designed by Dino Martens in the early 1950s. It is 10.75: (27.3 cm) tall and 7.75" (19.7 cm) wide. It is Model 5733 according to Heiremans in his book Dino MartensPhoto is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.

Aureliano Toso Ducklings
These ducks are each about 6" (15 cm) long. The rose colored one has an Aureliano Toso label on bottom.  
Aureliano Toso Bird
This little bird is 4" (10 cm) long with mezza filigrana. The bills of the old Aureliano Toso birds are often not very artful. They often have a sharp tooling mark on the left side of the bill. The bill of this one is off center with a long tooling mark. Note the beady eyes that are often found on these types of Aureliano Toso birds. Attribution is from a labelled bird of this design. The design comes in a few different colors.

Aureliano Toso Bird
This odd little bird was made by Aureliano Toso. There is just enough left of the label on bottom to identify it. The bird is 2.75" (7 cm) long.