Birds by Archimede Seguso 1

Archimede Seguso Pigeons
Archimede Seguso had a special fondness for pigeons, perhaps because they are so numerous at San Marco Square. These pigeons are about 5" (12.7 cm) long. It is a 1950 design, but could have also been made later. The pigeon is made with different types of glass and colors. Photo of the pink pigeon on bottom is courtesy of Terry Gourley.
Archimede Seguso Crested Bird
The glass is clear. The head is not dark. It is an optic effect. The bird has a partial Archimede Seguso store label.The bird was about 5" long if I remember correctly.
Archimede Seguso Small Pouter Pigeons
These pouter pigeons are around 2.25" tall. Some of the birds have an Archimede Seguso label on bottom. Photos of the birds to the right are courtesy of Lynn Fetty (deep amber) and Thomas Wilson (white).
Archimede Seguso Penguin
This marvelous penguin stands 9.75" (24.8 cm) tall and has a red Archimede Seguso label on bottom. Photo is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.

Archimede Seguso Dove
This handsome fellow has an Archimede Seguso label on bottom. It is similar to the fat doves shown above, but it is larger and its bill is not tucked into the breast.

Archimede Seguso Duck
This flapping green duck is an Archimede Seguso creation. These birds were made in different colors and various postures. The base is solid. The duck is about 7" (17.8 cm) tall.
Archimede Seguso Black & White Bird
These black & white birds are in Archimede Seguso's bianco nero fantasy line. The birds have Archimede Seguso labels. The bird on the right is 5" (12.7 cm) long. Photos of the birds are courtesy of Pam Townsend (left) and Terry Gourley (right).
Archimede Seguso Black & White Swan
This delightful bird is another of Archimede Seguso's bianco nero sculptures. It has an Archimede Seguso label on bottom. Photo is courtesy of Pam Townsend.
Archimede Seguso Pheasant Bottles Made for Luxardo (Ardo Cherry)
Pheasants come in different colors. Tails can be up or down. The bottles are brown or clear. Some bottles are signed "Made in Murano Italy for Luxardo." Others are not signed. The red pheasant on top was made in 1960. The head-down pheasants were also from the 1960s, but I am not sure of the year. Photo of the colorful head-down pheasant is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.
Archimede Seguso for Luxardo Penguin Bottle
Archimede Seguso made this penguin bottle for Luxardo in 1968. The penguin can be found on an assortment of Luxardo bottles. The bottle is about 16.5" tall. It was made in 1968, Photo is courtesy of Jerry Schultrich of Fossilfly's Murano Glass Forum.

Archimede Seguso Penguin Sculpture
This intriguing penguin sculpture is made of orange and white alabastro. It stands about 8" (20.3 cm) tall. It is signed on bottom with what may be Seguso Murano. Photos are courtesy of Rebecca Wright.
Archimede Seguso Duckling
This blue and white alabastro duckling on the right is 5" long. The black and white duck on the right is a similar bianco nero fantasy version of the design. Both have Archimede Seguso labels of the type used in the 1950-70s. Photo of the bianco nero duckling is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.