Birds for Tour d'Argent

Tour d'Argent Ducks
These ducks are attributed to Archimede Seguso by Leslie Pina in her book Archimede Seguso, but may be made by Galliano Ferro or others. (Ducks that look like these are also made by ICET Arte Murano of Venezuela.)
The birds are generally 4-6 inches tall and have varying postures. The birds were given as premiums for people eating a favored duck dish at Tour d'Argent in Paris. "Tour d'Argent, Paris" is engraved on the bottom of the ducks. Leslie Pina attributed these types of ducks to Archimede Seguso in her book Archimede Seguso. However, there are examples of these designs that have Galliano Ferro labels on the base (but no restaurant name). One of these is shown next. (Thanks, Jaynie!)

Galliano Ferro Duck
This duck does not have Tour d'Argent, Paris written on bottom. It has a Galliano Ferro label. Notice how similar it looks to the one above. Photos are courtesy of Bernard McClymont and Jaynie Watson.
Vetreria Pitau Tour d'Argent Duck
This colorful Tour d'Argent duck was made by Vetreria Pitau. It points out the problems we have making attributions based on appearances alone. It has a Pitau label on its base. Photo is courtesy of Patrick Hogan.

Tour D'Argent Duck
This duck is a pretty shade of cobalt and yellow. It is very similar to the green duck to the right and resembles the Pitau ducks. It is signed Tour d'Argent, Paris on bottom. Photo is courtesy of Jason Chang.

Tour d'Argent Duck 
This Tour d'Argent bird is a bit different in the label that it has on bottom. The duck is 5.5" (14 cm) long and 5.25" (13.3 cm) tall. Photos are courtesy of Thomas Wilson.
More Tour d'Argent Ducks
Patrick Hogan sent these pictures of five other ducks that are in his Tour d'Argent collection. He has included pictures of the bases and sizes. All of the photos below are courtesy of Patrick Hogan.


Tour d'Argent Duck
This duck is a beautiful green color. It resembles the Pitau duck above. This duck has Tour d'Argent, Paris written on bottom. It is 5.25" (13.3 cm) tall and 5.25" long. Photo is courtesy of Pam Townsend.

Tour D'Argent Ducks
Here are another couple of Tour D'Argent ducks from the collection of Peter Coluccio. The red duck has "Tour D'Argent, Paris" engraved on its base. The yellow duck has a generic silver Murano sticker. Photos are courtesy of Peter Coluccio.

Tour d'Argent Duck
The rich colors of this handsome duck make me sure that it was made in Murano. The duck has Tour d'Agent Paris etched on bottom. Photos are courtesy of Thomas Wilson.