Birds by AVeM

AVeM Ducks
These ducks are made in a variety of colors. They have either curved or straight bills. They have either an AVeM or a Decora label.
AVeM Geese
These geese are very similar to the ducks, but the bill is longer. They have an AVeM label on bottom. Alfredo Barbini and Fratelli Toso make some ducks and geese that are similar to these. The blue goose is 8.5" (22 cm) tall. Photo on the left is courtesy of Dan Farrel . Photo of the blue goose is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.
Decora Import Rooster, attributed to AVeM
This charming rooster has a Decora Import label on bottom. Decora Import (NY) frequently handles AVeM pieces. I have not seen the label on other Murano companies, so am fairly confident that the rooster is AVeM. The rooster is about 4" tall if I remember correctly. The rooster sets on a scalloped disc.
Decora Import Swans, attributed to AVeM
These graceful swans are about 5" long. The wings are particularly well made with the ends cut, shaped, and polished. The swan sets on a scalloped disc. These swans are made in different colors with the head in different poses. The green bird has a Decora Import label on the base.
AVeM Pheasant
This colorful pheasant is 13" (33 cm) tall and 12" (30.5 cm) long. It has tuffs of feathers around the face. Note how the bill and crest combine at the front. This is very common for AVeM birds. The pheasant still has the original label on bottom. Photos are courtesy of Carol MacDonald.

AVeM Birds
These birds are 3.5-4.25" (8.9 - 10.8 cm) tall. The design comes in different colors and techniques. These birds are distinctive in having a lobed base and wings that cross the back like a shelf. These birds have either an AVeM or a Decora Import label on bottom when they have a label at all. Photos of the two birds on the bottom row are courtesy of Thomas Wilson.
 AVeM Swan Salts
AVeM swan salts are often misidentified as Salviati. AVeM salts have wings that sweep back and merge into the tail. The crest tends to be thin -- a wisp of glass at the back of the head. There are different colors and patterns. Other companies may have made the same type of wing, so I wouldn't trust it as a definite way to identify an AVeM salt. (Please forgive the poor quality pictures.)
These swan salts have AVeM labels on bottom. Their wings are different than those above, but the crest remains wispy. They are 3.25" (8.3 cm) tall. Photo is courtesy of Thomas Wilson.
AVeM Swan Salt
This swan salt has a thin crest that is common for AVeM. The bowl has a rolled and fused rim that is common for AVeM filigrana bowls. Attribution is from a labelled swan of this design that had an AVeM label.
AVeM Heron
This heron is 6 7/8" tall and has an AVeM sticker on its back. It is pale blue pulegoso glass cased in clear glass. The pulegoso glass is over an opalescent yellow core.
AVeM Duck
These ducks both have AVeM labels. The glass of the ducks in the top row has relaxed bubbles.The blue-tinted duck on the left is 5 5/8" (14.3 cm) tall. The dark green duck is 7" (17.8 cm) tall. The duck on the bottom is made of uranium glass with foil in its chest. Photo of the top right duck is courtesy of Dawn Button. 
AVeM Pheasant
This huge bird is 18" (45.7 cm) tall and 22" (56 cm) long. It was made by AVeM. Attribution is from a labeled bird of this design. Photo is courtesy of Ken Nicol.

AVeM Pheasant
This pheasant is on a 3-legged base that is often used by AVeM for their birds and fish. The bird has a red AVeM label. Photo is courtesy of Thomas Wilson. 

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