Astrobot, is a Robot designed by our team in Microsoft India R&D receives commands from a central computer and executes on predifined tasks.

Technical Specifations:- 

*  The OS kernel is designed for dynamic learning

*  Dynamically expanding API was used to not only facilitate learning but also make knowledge-sharing possible

*  The OS is designed so that a vendor or third-party can contribute to the robot’s knowledge and also write new applications on top of the existing system

*  The robots use generic protocols so they can interact with other robots to create a home network

What makes the Astrobot unique?

With the Astrobot, the team strives to make robot technology less costly
yet more robust by shifting the robot’s complex logic and computations to a nearby
dedicated computer. The benefit of moving the computing logic from the robot to an
external computer is the fact that new features can be taught to the robot by
updating or adding new programs to the computer. No significant modifications to the robot
 are needed. 

Astrobot's first assignment as a waiter in Microsoft GTSC.......

Team Astrobot with the group manager of Microsoft GTSC....