a STELLAR Theme Team concerned with how learners share multiple perspectives on multiple representations

Our understanding of the exact sciences, such as mathematics, physics, biology etc., and phenomena and topics such as statistics, photosynthesis, the water cycle, etc. is strongly evoked and guided by how these topics are graphically or textually represented in text books or online environments. To foster active elaboration of science topics juxtaposing multiple representations is not enough. Beyond current multimedia learning research, the MUPEMURE Theme Team investigates how learners can be facilitated to actively share, process and acquire multiple perspectives on multiple representations of mathematical and science topics. We combine latest technology for creating, modifying, and sharing representations in CSCL scenarios with group awareness and scripting approaches. The technological advances include intelligent tools that can cluster and analyze components of multiple representations and provide feedback adapted to learners’ advancing knowledge (awareness approach). Moreover, MUPEMURE investigates approaches to guide learners to construct, compare, and follow-up on peers’ multiple knowledge representations (scripting approach). Sharing multiple perspectives on multiple representations (MUPEMURE) can affect the course and type of learners’ reasoning by disambiguating discourse, fostering self-explanation and elaboration, and by strengthening a shared task focus. 

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Everyone Deadline for submissions to ARV Workshop October 30, 2010  
Armin Schedule next web-conference October 31, 2010  
Armin CSCL symposium deadline  November 1, 2010  
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  • Art met Research ... at our first face-to-face meeting during the Earli-SIG2-Conference in Tübingen. As befits a Theme Team that investigates multiple perspectives on multiple representations, we represented our different ...
    Posted Sep 3, 2010, 7:04 AM by Daniel Bodemer
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