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March 2nd, 2008

You Gotta Use Heinz!

I've made a new short film, for a contest sponsored by Heinz Ketchup Inc. You can find it on YouTube here. I'll put it on the films page soon.   

February 16th, 2008  

Here's some more info... 

I've added a behind-the-scenes page for Memory Block. I will also make pages for my other films soon. Stay tuned for my Heinz Ad, and possibly "The Quest for the Remote".

February 2nd, 2008

They're baaack!

The films page is now back online. Now you can continue to enjoy my brickfilms.

 January 31st, 2008

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to the new home of Munzapoppa Mini Movies, hosted by the good folks at Google Pages. I have decided to make my website using Google Page Creator (which is a good tool, by the way) because I felt that I could make a better looking website without having to spend countless hours that I don't have learning programming code. It will probably take me a few weeks to get the new site up and running, but I think that in the end, it will be a good move for me. In the mean time, check out all my films at YouTube.

12-30-07-My THAC 4 film
Well, the Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest has come and gone. I was able to make a film, but it is not one of my best. It is now on the films page. Enjoy!

12-26-07-Santa has come Home!
To celebrate my favorite holiday, Christmas, I made a new brickfilm, which is now on the films page. Enjoy the movie, and the holidays! Be on the lookout for another THAC film soon, as THAC 4 is only 3 days away.

12-13-07-Look out YouTube! Here comes Munzapoppa!
A couple of weeks ago, I created an account on YouTube, the biggest video hosting and sharing site on the internet. Now a bigger audience (basically the whole world) will be able to watch my brickfilms. Here is my "channel" page, where all my YouTube info is. In other news, a fellow member of created a wiki database for information about brickfilms and brickfilmers, and here is my director page. Stay tuned for a christmas film I'm working on, plus two other films I'll probably release soon after that.

11-21-07-Here is the Latest from Munzapoppa Mini Movies...
Wow. I haven't updated this thing in a while. Anyway, some stuff has happened since the last update. For starters, my film An Andy and Mike Halloween came in 4th place out of 8 films in the Brickfilms Halloween Contest. Also, I started a blog a few weeks ago, which you can find here. Keep in mind, it is not just about brickfilming, but I will try and post brickfilming-related stuff there from time to time. Finally, instead of doing the Andy and Mike halloween trilogy, I have started making a music video, titled Welcome to Paradise. It will be about 4 minutes long, and will probably be my longest and best brickfilm ever. I expect it to be released sometime in early 2008, so be on the lookout for that.

10-30-07-Happy Halloween!
Okay, maybe I'm a day early. So what? Anyways, I've made a film to celebrate this scary holiday, and it can be found on the films page.

10-18-07-Dusting off the Cobwebs... AGAIN!

Sorry I haven't updated this site in a few weeks. With school in full swing, I don't really have the patience to do anything productive. But there is some news to report. First, about a week and a half ago, the SIBC results were announced, and Kung Fu Championship won 3rd place... out of 3 films. Aw well, the important thing is, I made a film for the contest. Second, around the same time as the SIBC results, this site had it's 100th visitor. Feels good to get some attention. Finally, expect a new Andy and Mike film soon, which is going to be an entry for an unofficial Halloween contest on
Also, don't pay attention to my current projects page. I rarely update it, and most of the films on that list are just ideas I have. Dangerously Entertaining and Customer Service probably aren't gonna happen anytime soon. But don't despair, I still have plenty of films in the works, including a four-minute music video that will be released probably next year.

9-26-07-Another Update... so Soon?

Yep. I've added the Misc. page to the site. On that page, you can find links to other pages that don't deserve a major button in the menu. Please note that none of the links on those pages work yet. This is because I haven't made those pages yet, but I'll let you know when I do.
EDIT: I've also added the Guestbook. There, you can leave me comments about me, my films, or this site. Write away!

9-25-07-Dusting off the Cobwebs... with a NEW FILM!!!

Sorry I haven't updated the site in over a month. With school starting (and a lack of inspiration),not much happened in the studio. But I did make a new brickfilm, an entry for the Sports In Brickfilming Challenge. It's now on the films page. Enjoy!

8-19-07-Another new Movie!!!

The dynamic duo of Andy and Mike return in One Small Pizza. It is now available on the films page. Enjoy!

8-11-07-Putting the "Movies" in Munzapoppa Mini Movies

I've finally added the films page, and my almost-THAC3-entry, Sweet Temptation, is there. Stay tuned for my upcoming film, One Small Pizza.


I've added two new sections to my site: Current Projects and Links. The Current Projects section is where you can find info about my current projects, and the Links page is for links to other useful sites.

7-23-07-WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION is officially under construction. I don't have much knowledge of making websites, so this is all it's going to be. I am currently working on my basic HTML website.