About 155 years ago, our land witnessed the holy birth of a mahaan in Poundarikapuram (near Oppiliappan Koil). It was, truly, the reincarnation of Sriman Narayanan Himself who, out of bounteous benevolence and sincere determination (dridha vrata) to save all human beings, came into this world. The lord chooses the time, the place and the dhampathis to take His birth from- it is all preordained by Him.

In Sowmya Year, Adi Pooradam, 26th August, 1847, a child was born to Sri SingaperumAL Ayyangar, an effulgent scholar and a man of unswerving principles of personal practice and conduct, and Smt Sengamalam AmmAL, his wife. They named the child as Srinivasa after Lord Srinivasa.

Young Srinivasan was given in adoption to his father’s younger brother. After his upanayanam at the age of 7, he promptly sought to learn Sanskrit from illustrious Sri Rangachariar Swami, father of the reputed tharka scholar Sri Narasimhachariar. Soon followed his higher education from mahavidwans like Ghattam Varadachariar Swami, Sogathur Srinivasachariar Swami, Perumal Koil Thirupputkuzhi Swami, Kuricchi Rangachariar Swami at Mannargudi and in a matter of time, he became an accomplished scholar, a mahavidwan himself, having mastered tharkkam, vyakaraNam, and mimaamsam, besides the Vedas and the Divya prabhandhams.

He had pancha samskaram from Ghattam Varadachariar Swami, and Vedantha grantha kaalakshepam and BharasamarpaNam at the feet of Srimad Andavan Veliyanalloor Narayana mahAdEsikan, an act possibly indicating things to come. In spite of belonging to an affluent family, Sri Srinivasan led his gruhasthasramam at Poundarikapuram in a manner that was remarkable for its simplicity and austerity.

In good time he heard the divine call for taking up Sanyasa Asramam and to become a “lighthouse” guiding the parched souls tossed around in samsaara saagaram. He went and prostrated repeatedly at the feet of Srimad Andavan Veliyanalloor Narayana Mahadesikan at VinnaaRRankarai. Srimad Andavan, after thorough scrutiny of the disciple’s genuineness, offered him upadesam and prapatti prayoga, and admitted him to Sanyasa Ashramam (thuriyAsramam). Thereafter, he went to live in the Srimad Andavan Ashramam at Srirangam, hallowed by the foot prints of Srimad Periya Andavan, and spent years there offering Samasrayana, Bharanyasam and daily kaalakshepam  to the innumerable disciples thirsting spiritually. But, he felt greatly anguished when obstacles were put in his path of discharging his duties as an Acharya.



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