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Welcome to Muniraj's Web World.


Hello Everyone,


        This Web World, which simply endeavors to deliver the most important information in the simplest possible way. Check out the links, search Wikipedia and do more... on Muniraj's Web World.

Research & Jobs in LIS field.

Research Jobs in LIS field is a open Special discussion forum for communication among library and Informational professionals, appropriate topics for discussion includes: Analyzing, planning, management and use of innovative technology in library operations and Networking, Information Technology, Open Access, Open Source,Open Standards(3'O') Digital library systems, Networking, Virtual Library and Virtual Reference, e-Journals, Reference collection development, interlibrary communication and library management. Evaluate the information sources. Publicity ideas, etc. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas and keep themselves informed about current and discrete developments in Library related Technologies.

Share your valuable thoughts on this group.




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