Presentation Sharing

Over the years, digital slides created with programs like Microsoft's Powerpoint have become the method of choice for delivering presentations at meetings and conferences. Now with today's Web 2.0 tools, presentations can be uploaded and shared with others. Some tools also allow creating, uploading, and/or delivery of the presentation directly over the Internet. The concept of sharing slides can help minimize research time for those who are preparing similar presentations. Those who allow others to download and use their slides also help to minimize preparation time for those preparing similar presentations.

At Slideshare, anyone can create an account for free. A recent search at Slideshare for the term "government" brought up 9867 presentations for that topic. The site also allows for the creation of a widget that could be used to display a collection of slides on any Website.

Google Docs also allows for the uploading and sharing of documents such as those used for presentations. This site allows a group to collaboratively view and comment on a document.

ZuiPrezi is a site that allows a group to create, share, and view presentations online.