Photo Sharing

Photo sharing, either public or private, is the uploading and publishing of digital images for the purpose of sharing with other people. Photo sharing is not limited to web-based photo sharing services life Flickr, Buzznet, Photobucket, SnapFish or Kodak Gallery; personal computer networks, camera phones and other devices are equipped with applications that make photosharing possible.


Flickr is the fastest growing photo sharing site on the web. It is also known as one of the first web sites to use keywords or “tags” to create associations and connections between images and photo sharing service users.  Municipal governments can make the best use of web-based photo sharing sites such as Flickr by highlighting municipal services, showcasing community development and marketing events or programs. 



Los Angeles Police Department- Flickr Photostream at


The Los Angeles Police Department uses Flickr to illustrate the great things that police officers do in the community and as an officer recruitment tool.