This page has been set up to serve as a project development site for planning the creation of a wiki. This proposed wiki would become a repository of information to be used by those working or serving in local government. Help us determine where to host the sight. (Here is a great example of what we are trying to develop: LGAM Knowledge Base - a local government wiki set up by Wayne Eddy.)

Software Choices:

Hosting options:
  • pbwiki
  • Hosted on a server secured by the MuniGov group
  • Hosted on a server secured by Govloop

So far we have set up two sites to help us explore which software will work best for our purposes. There is one site using pbwiki which can be found at: and another site using MediaWiki which can be found at:

Please visit each site, contribute if you like (nothing will go to waste since we can cut and paste posted information to the final site), and let us know what you think. We would like to decide which format to go with by the end of the year so we can focus and promote the final site.