The Virtual Town

GovGrid will be hosting V-Town
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V-Town Planners Have a Design - See Our V-Town Design 

  • A grassy town square, like a park with some kind of outdoor casual venue for speeches, music, gatherings and other uses. This should also have a guide map to all the builds, even while they are under construction.
  • A copy of the polling location and possbly poll worker training or use this for virtual elections
  • A code house with municipal code information showing instructions on a real structure 
  • The paramedic training simulator - See example video
  • A Conference room - See example video
  • An auditorium
  • A meeting room that could be used for virtual public meetings
  • An ECC simulator of a CAD workstation
  • Billboard advertising to other government builds
  • Freebie store of clothes and other basics
  • Noob welcome center
  • Police/Public Safety building and include a CSI simulator
  • Library resource of Web2.0 policy and practice, open data sources, shared resources
  • Sandbox for new builds and member practice

Add your ideas in the comments below.


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