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Lab Members

Rangeetha J. Naik

I am studying the role of cell surface and exogenous glycosaminoglycans in gene delivery mediated by cationic peptides, particularly arginine-rich peptides. In addition to the effect of cell surface glycosaminoglycans, I have dissected the effects of addition of exogenous glycosaminoglycans to arginine-rich carriers with respect to their complex stability, cellular entry, intracellular trafficking and transfection which ultimately leads to a cumulative increase in the delivery efficiency. I have also explored the utility of these systems for retinal gene delivery. I am hoping to defend my thesis very soon!

After completing my M.Sc. in Biotechnology from Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi, I have joined Dr. Munia Ganguli's lab as a Ph.D. student. As part of my PhD project I am studying the role of physicochemical property of amphipathic peptides in its cellular penetration and cargo delivery efficiency, the mechanism of penetration and using these knowledge designing new cell penetrating peptides for DNA delivery in mammalian cells. In my spare time I enjoy writing poems, reading psychology and philosophy  and listening to music.

 Manika Vij

I joined Dr. Munia Ganguli's lab as a Ph.D.student (2010 Batch). As our lab's core interest has been on cationic and amphipathic cell penetrating peptides, my work involves further exploring these systems in terms of  their ability to penetrate and permeate into skin as a model system. In case they are efficiently entering the skin, my aim would be to modify them for targeted delivery and deliver certain therapeutically relevant cargos.
  Anusha Aditya

 I am exploring the role of inorganic nanoparticles (ZnO/TiO2) in UV protective applications in skin. My area of interest lies in design  and biomodification of nanoparticles for safer and efficient biomedical applications. I love reading books, listening to music, writing  short stories and watching sitcoms! I am a big foodie and a movie buff!

Daniel Nisakar.M 
Project Assistant

Having done my M.Sc Biotechnology from Loyola College, I started to study the role of exogenous GAGs with amphipathic peptides in nucleic acid delivery. My next work interest is 
in vivo targeted delivery with the amphipathic peptides 
constructed in our lab which has excellent delivery efficiency.

 Ujjwal Ranjan Dahiya

     I am exploring the role of exocytosis of organic and inorganic nanoparticles in the context of gene delivery.

Poornemaa Natarajan
Project Assitant

 I have been in this lab since December 2012 (first as a project trainee and now as a project assistant). I work with the carbamates and amides, few other amphipathic and cationic peptides developed in our lab for gene delivery to skin. I am also exploring the use of GAGs as enhancers for gene delivery to skin. I hail from the land of Dosas and I enjoy reading, eating, singing and sleeping when I am not in lab :)

   Subia Bano

DBT Post doctoral Fellow


 I am presently exploring the role of glycosaminoglycans and understanding the mechanism of rescuing photodamage and photo-immunosuppression in skin.  I love eating and hanging around with friends.

Sarita Mishra
Aanchal Gupta

With the elucidation of potential carrier peptides in our lab, I plan to take the next step i.e. translating the current research into a topical formulation for skin related ailments. On the personal front, a Delhiite at heart, I enjoy exploring new place 
and the company 
of my family and friends anywhere and everywhere. 

Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay
Project Assistant

After Completing my Masters in Biochemistry from University of Calcutta, I have joined Dr Munia Ganguli Lab & as the say ''Good things always come in small packages'', I do believe that major break throughs regarding various therapeutic aspects will come through Nanotechnology. Presently I am dealing with several aspects of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle & its conjugation chemistry with various peptides & exploring its Apoptotic,Anti Microbial & UV protective properties. In my spare time I love to read books,watch movies & listen to good music.