We would like to thank ALL of the participants in the MMS Cheer tryouts. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication during the past few days! We had such talented aspiring cheerleaders to participate and we thank each of you! 

2017-2018 Basketball Cheerleaders:
Hannah James-MMS
Mackenzie Wagner-MMS
Deniyla Dixon-MMS
Madison Williams-MMS
Charlee Smith-MES
Amanda Tapley-MMS
Isabella Goyer-MMS
Tamira Hawkins-MMS
Mirranda Reed-MMS
Alyssa Keller-MMS
Amya McClora-MMS
Aimee McClora-MES
Tessica Cooper-MMS
Angelina Johnson-MMS
Bryona Robinson-MMS
Meagan Cavallo-MMS
Belle Tate-MMS

Emily Ross-ATES
Breana Lizzi-MMS
Hannah James-MMS
Mackenzie Wagner-MMS
Brooke Anzini-MMS
Deniyla Dixon-MMS
Hannah Miller-MMS
Amanda Tapley-MMS
Isabella Martelli-MES
Ziah Dean-ATES
Lilly Glass-MES
Tamira Hawkins-MMS
Trinity Gross-MMS
Mary-Clare Barbier-MMS
Emilee McGuire-MES
Bella Tedford-MMS
Bryona Robinson-MMS
Jacey Cooper-MMS
Elizabeth Smith-DES
Sara Ault-ATES
Madelyn Bursey-ATES

Aynsley Adkins-DES
Caroline Martin-MMS
Emma Walker-MMS

*Alternates will be contacted by the coaches if there are circumstances in which they will fill in. There are no dues or any other information needed at this time

Please be sure to review the calendar for BBall cheer practice. 

Our jamboree will be October 30th at Haywood!