Emily Mundorff, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Hofstra University

(516) 463-6753
210 Berliner Hall
Mailing address:
  Department of Chemistry
  210 Berliner Hall
  Hofstra University
  Hempstead, NY  11549

My research aims to alter or improve an enzyme’s native activity through knowledge-based enzyme design and directed evolution. I synthesize information gathered from crystal structures, homologous enzymes, and computational predictions to identify mutations that will alter or improve upon the enzyme’s native activity. The ability to improve a native enzyme's activity, substrate specificity and stability has practical applications in the biofuel, chemical, bioremediation, and agricultural industries that may all benefit from highly selective enzymes for novel substrates. In addition, there are also many fundamental questions to be answered regarding how enzymes generate new functions. Do they need to be generalists that work with many substrates and then with selective pressure become specialists, or may a specialist switch specificity completely to a new substrate? A better understanding of the malleability of enzymes will help shed light on how nature evolves new functions.