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1976 Taco Bell commercial with Patrick

Patrick & Belinda Montgomery in one scene of "The Man From Atlantis"

Part 1 of a "Charlie´s Angels" episode guest-starring Patrick

1980 TVM "Enola Gay" starring Patrick

1982 TVM "Cry for the Strangers" starring Patrick

Patrick in his 1983 musical adventure with Mireille Mathieu

Patrick in a chase scene of 1984 TVM "Vamping"

Promo for "Hotel" episode "Missing Pieces" guest-starring Patrick

Patrick plays a Goat in "Alice in Wonderland"


Patrick and Larry in the final scene of "Check And Mate"

A great fight montage with Patrick and Larry

Patrick and the Crab

Patrick talks about his most famous role

Patrick and Larry interviewed about their reunion for TNT Dallas

Patrick with Linda and Brenda in a scene of "Denial, Anger, Acceptance"

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