16: about christopher (2)

(Establishing shot and zoom towards the demolishing machines that are about to put down the manors adjacent to the main house. Behind the road fences, hidden in his van and holding his binoculars, Ray Krebbs is watching closer the devastating view). 
Ray: (murmuring to himself) Dammit! How the hell could they go that far...? (Right away, he picks up his cell phone and dials a number.) Ray Krebbs here. It´s time to get into action. I´m ready to do anything...(looking angry) 

(Establishing shot and fade into a middle shot of Pam Ewing talking on her cell phone...) 
Pam: Bobby, I had to tell you what I just found out... 
Bob: I´m listening, but tell me one thing before: how are you? 
Pam: I won´t be alright until we find Christopher. Yesterday I was going to give up, after I talked with Farraday´s sister Lisa. But, when I was going to leave out to the airport, you´d never say who came up... 
Bob: Who? 
Pam: Debbi Porter. She´s running the biggest West Coast TV network now. But what she said to me doesn´t have to do with that, but with the Ewing barbecue. 
Bob: Whatcha mean? 
Pam: Remember that she showed up at our last barbecue with John Ross as her date? 
Bob: Yeah, and also remember Sue Ellen´s wary looks at her... 
Pam: Yes, I know that. But what Debbi told me about that day is really important... 
Bob: I´m on tenterhooks. Please just say it Pam... 
Pam: When the barbecue was almost over, before knowing that Clayton was dead, Debbi walked out through the ranch entry road. She was overwhelmed about what she thought was a hostile atmosphere. She had had to bear some double-edges comments from people like Marilee, and what´s more, John Ross seemed to push her to go up to his bedroom for some intimacy... 
Bob: Can´t blame John Ross for that... 
Pam: C´mon Bobby, let me finish. The point is that, about 100 feet from the exit, she found Christopher sitting under a tree, looking very sad...They began a friendly chat and he told her, among other things, that he was missing his girlfriend Jane. 
Bob: I didn´t know he had a girl... 
Pam: Neither me. I guess it´s true that we parents are the last to know sometimes...Debbi asked her why he didn´t go to see her and he said that she lived at Houston and her dad was playing hard to them. 
Bob: Didn´t he tell her in what circumstances he met her? 
Pam: That´s the most amazing about it. They first met at the Weinstein Academy, in Houston. 
Bob: (surprised) You mean they know each other since we checked Chris into that special boarding school? 
Pam: Yeah and seemingly, Chris told Debbi that he´d visit her right away, though he had bad memories about the place she was living at... Bob: (still more surprised) I don´t like it, I don´t like it at all, we´re missing something, Pam. Why don´t ye catch the first airplane and go together to Houston and search? 
Pam: I tried to, but there´s a strike at the airport until tomorrow. I´ll stay one more day and then I´ll come home. 
Bob: I´m glad to hear that... 
Pam: Hear what? 
Bob: You´re coming home. I´ve been missing you Pam. 
Pam: Me too. 
Bob: I love you. 
Pam: (almost whispering) Me too...(Bob hangs up and so does Pam. Then Pam´s mind travels back to the past, about 6 months earlier...) 

(Subtitle “Six months earlier”. Fade into Flashback scene. Pam and Bob have been talking by phone and they are saying goodbye, though we only see the set) 
Pam: Well, I wish I could something to help you Bob. 
Bob: Come back soon, that´s enough for me... 
Pam: I love you Bobby. 
Bob: (in low voice) Me too. Bye. 
(Pam cuelga el teléfono del hotel. Marca 2 números y le responde la centralita del hotel) 
Pam: This is Pamela Ewing, I´d like to talk with Mr. Alex Ward please, I don´t know which room he is staying at. 
Operator (off): Scusi signora, but Mr. Ward wants no more calls until he says otherwise... 
Pam: All right, but would you be so kind to leave him the message that I called. Pamela Ewing, yes. 

(Fade into a long shot of the hotel dining-room, where many of the hosts are having diner. Travelling to Pamela´s and Alex´s table.) 
Pam: It took me three days to meet but I finally have. 
Alex (absent-minded): Yes, I´m so sorry, Pamela. I´m going through a really difficult time...In fact, I came here only to sign up a contract with a designer who seems to be afraid of flying...on any plane but his own jet. 
Pam: (smiling) I think I know who "she" might be...Are you still working for the family company? 
Alex: Well, yes and no. My father died a couple of years ago... 
Pam: (surprised) Oh, I´m really sorry. 
Alex: We never got along, actually he founded the publishing company to keep me busy and out of trouble. It´s been a long long time since we last met... 
Pam: Yeah, and I´d rather not to count the years... 
Alex: You used to wear a long, curled hairstyle back then... 
Pam: Aha, but I´ve grown to like it shorter lately, it´s more practical. 
Alex: So how are you two? I read that you remarried Bobby after the car crash and lost Southfork due to the ´95 Big Storm... 
Pam: Yes, although we only lost the main house and about four acres. What about you, did you marry? 
Alex: Yes, I married an extraordinary woman, who happened to belong at here; she was born in a small town not too far away. She had nothing to do with the fashion business. We were truly happy until she was diagnosed cancer and died last year. 
Pam: Oh mine, I´m so rough. I only wanted to say hello to you and know how you were doing, and I´ve been reminding you the bad things that happened to you in the last year... 
Alex: Well, that´s part of life, isn´t it? 
Pam: You´ve changed all thru the years, in fact I was surprised when you asked water instead of wine... 
Alex: Please excuse me now, Pam, but I must return to my suite to do a few calls before leaving. 
Pam: I should retire too... (Both of them stand up and head up to the way out...Fade into a long shot of the corridor of their hotel) 

(Pam and Alex are walking in silence and, suddenly, Alex stops in front of one door) 
Alex: So Pam, this is my headquarters more than my room. It´s been great to be able to talk with you Pam... 
Pam: To me too Alex... 
(Alex gets in quickly and closes the door quickly too, leaving Pam somewhat worried about her former work collaborator) 

(Pam opens one of her cases and holds the picture she had put over her clothes: it´s the Christopher one that Lisa gave to her...)
(Fade out and End of Act 1) 

(Close shot of Barbara) 
Barbara: So that Madeleine bitch is beginning to put our former homes down... 
Ray: Yep, this morning I´ve driven by the manor on my way to Dallas and I stopped there when I saw the machines. 
Barbara: And you called me instantly to tell me that you were able to do anything to stop that. 
Ray: Bob and I are brothers and care about each other a big deal, but are not the same person. Especially since we lost Southfork. I´ve been waiting for him to change his mind and decide to support you, Barbara, but I think he never will. And Southfork also was partly mine, mine and my family´s. 
Barbara: How far are could you go to recover what belongs to us? 
Ray: If you got proofs, any kind of proofs, against Madeleine, I can go all the way and show her she´d never approach poor Clayton. 
Barbara: What does Donna feel about what you´re saying? 
Ray: She´s spent some days in Washington and will soon be here, but I´ll explain my stand to her and she´ll support me for sure. 
Barbara: What if she doesn´t? 
Ray: Then, Barbara Southworth and Ray Krebbs will become allies... 
Barbara (mischievously laughing): I just love that side of you Ray! It makes me think of the times we first met...You were the first person who fully accepted me into the family... 
Ray (slightly blushed): And you encouraged me when I believed I´d lost Donna and Maggie forever. 
Barbara (getting closer to Ray and messing up his hair with her hand): That´s the least I could do: I´d fallen in love with you. And you gave me a self-esteem lesson, though I had a bad time when you reconciled with Donna. Sometimes, can´t help thinking about you, and remember the nights we spent together...(she gets her face closer to his and her lips closer to his lips) 
Ray (he gently gets his lips aback and stares at her): Barbara, you know that, if we gotta take this all the way, our relationship must remain where it was, in the past. I was glad it happened, but Donna and Maggie are and will be, always, the most important to me. 
Barbara (embarrased): Sure, pardon me Ray, I don´t know what´s happened to me... I promise it won´t happen again ever...Gotta make an urgent call. We´ll go on talking when I´m back, o.k.? (Barbara walks out of the office and Ray takes a look at the picture of his family standing on his table, and then looks at the door his friend has walked through.)

(Long shot of the façade of the manor. Bob Ewing walks out of the house carrying his briefcase and gets into his car, a black Mercedes. Suddenly, an unknown man opens the left door and sits shotgun)
Bob: But what the hell are you doin´...? 
Agent (showing him an identification plate only visible for Bob, who looks astonished): Now, put the radio on and drive off. (Incidentally, the song “Pamela” by Toto begins to play) 

“There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
Let's take what's getting old and make it new
Eye to eye
It's a blinding confrontation
I said you and I
are a deadly combination” 

Bob: Are you gonna tell what the hell you want? 
Agent: Keep on driving and turn on the right at the next crossing. Ah, and volume it up a little...(Bob does, reluctantly) 
"So don't start mixing truth with jealousy
The road we're on is clear as far as I can see
Don't break this heart of mine
Just remember it may not heal this time
There is no second chance
For the one who leaves it all behind"
(Flashback: Subtitle “Six months earlier”. Long shot of Pam´s bedroom and close shot of hers, who seems to be having a nigthmare. Suddenly, she wakes up and looks at one of the windows, and gets up to draw the curtain. Then she looks at the door and begins to change her clothes...) 
(Fade into next scene. Pam is standing in front of the door of Alex´s suite, and knocks on it quietly but insistently) 
Alex (behind the door): Who is it, what´s going on? 
Pam: It´s me Alex. Pamela Ewing. 
Alex (opens the door after a few seconds): Hi Pam. Is anything wrong? 
Pam: I need someone to talk to...and I you came to my mind (looking innocent). 
Alex: Do you want to come in? 
Pam: If it´s not much trouble... 
Alex: No, well, I was going to read my emails...I´m looking forward an urgent message...(he opens the door and waves her in...Then he closes the door and points at an armchair) Sit down here, if you want to. May I bring you something hot, some tea, maybe? 
Pam: I´d love a lime tea... 
Alex: I think I got it somewhere...(he goes to the next room and comes back carrying a tray with a teapot and one cup) It´ll be ready in five minutes, we´ve been lucky (winking). Tell me what´s wrong now. 
Pam: Alex, I feel ashamed for bothering you at this late...I had an awful nightmare...Perhaps it´s got something to do with my workmates leaving two days ago and I´m still here, in Italy, alone, without knowing exactly why. 
Alex: Do Bobby and you have problems? 
Pam: No, we don´t...it´s...everything else (she bursts into tears). Yeah, I guess this includes Bobby. Our son Christopher is missing for one month and he thinks it´s normal for a person his age. Afterwards, it´s his stepfather Clayton Farlow, who was deceased in Switzerland recently, and his widow inherited the ranch and obliges us to move out...and then the eleventh of September...(Alex offers his shoulder to cry on and passes his arm around Pam´s back.) Also, my niece Lucy is in a coma since then, she got trapped in her car when the towers began to fall down...And my sister-in-law Donna has lost a beloved person too... 
Alex: I think I understand you Pamela. Sometimes it seems that the world is going to explode...that only negative things belong to this life we are living...I felt the same way when I lost my father and my wife...(Alex dries up Pam´s tears as he caresses her face with one finger) But this will end soon, be sure of it. Now drink your tea or it will get cold... 
Pam (drying up his tears again with her handkerchief): I´m feeling so dumb... 
Alex: Forget everything tonight. Sleep in my bed and I will be in that couch, in case you need anything. 
Pam: Thanks Alex. You´re such a sweet person... (Alex enters his bedroom, from which he comes carrying one of the pillows and one blanket, and makes himself comfortable in the couch) 
Alex: See you tomorrow Pamela Ewing. 
Pam: See you tomorrow Alex Ward. 
(Fade out and End of Act 2) 
(Pamela slowly opens her eyes. She can´t remember anything about last night, she just sees that she´s not in her suite. She lies up and notices somebody else has slept in the bed, by her side. At the next room, supposedly the bathroom, she can hear somebody shaving...) 
Pam (covering up herself with the sheet): Hello? 
Alex: I´ll be right there honey...(Pam is astounded. Finally comes out of the bathroom a naked Alex Ward, wearing a towel around his waist.) Good morning Pam.(Alex lies over the bed close to her and kissed her in the mouth) 
Pam (stunned): Alex, I got a terrible headache and can´t remember how I came here...and even less how I got into your bed. 
Alex: I´ll refresh your mind: Last night there was a big storm that shattered all Milan, and you knocked on my door because you had had a nightmare...I offered you something hot and then...well, you can figure the rest out... 
Pam (blushing): Do you mean...that we slept together, that we made love...? 
Alex: I made myself comfortable in the next room couch, but you came back to convince me that we´d be much better in the big bed... 
Pam: Alex, I...can´t understand anything... 
Alex: There´s nothing to understand. Yesterday you needed someone else´s warmth and I was lucky to be here. You told me the misfortunes you have been through lately...and I tried to comfort you. This has brought to my mind what I felt for you when we first met in Dallas and what a fool I was for not taking advantage of your marriage´s crisis and making you fall for me...Pamela, I love you since the day we knew each other at the photo session for The Store. I want to regain the lost time. So will you leave Bobby…for me? 
Pam (getting up from bed and putting her clothes on quickly): Alex, you´re right: yesterday I was overwhelmed and needed to have someone very close, but not being unfaithful to Bobby... 
Alex (reaching for her arm and placing her in front of him): He is being unfaithful to you ignoring that your son might be in dire straits, as you said. These are hard times Pam, and you´ve got to live the momentum. I keep up what I said, and if Bobby doesn´t give you the support you need yet, you can count on me.(Pam gives up slowly and kisses Alex goodbye passionately) 
Pam: Goodbye Alex. Somehow I do know that I didn´t do anything I didn´t wanna do. Probably needed somebody´s warmth and I thought so did you. But now I must go back to Dallas, my home... 
(Pam gets out of the room and Alex closes his eyes and covers his face with his left hand...He reaches for the phone and dials twice) 
Alex: Please, I´d like to make a long-distance call... 
(Subtitle: Today. Aereal shot of Bob´s Mercedes. Zoom to the car´s inside) 
Bob: You got one minute to tell me what´s all about. 
Agent: I´ll go to the point, Mr. Ewing. Your son Christopher has been threatened by several terrorist groups... 
Bob: Wrong start buddy, Chris would never get involved with people like that. 
Agent: We know that you were heading to Houston, Mr. Ewing. To the Weinstein Academy. 
Bob: What else do you know? 
Agent: About eight months ago, approximately, Chris visited an ex-girlfriend who is teaching right there. 
Bob: That makes more sense. Go on… 
Agent: You may ignore it, but your son has been secretly collaborating with our government since he graduated from the Academy... 
Bob: With the gov? You´re losing credibility and I´m getting tired of driving to nowhere... 
Agent: ...Maybe you´ve heard before the name of the company “Ewing Computing Resources”, whose building you checked out recently and turned out to be closed down... 
Bob: I´m all ears. 
Agent: O.k. Chris never owned that company, but he did became a multimillionaire on his own thanks to the jobs he did for us... 
Bob: What kind of jobs? 
Agent: I´m not allowed to give you more information, just can tell you that, right before the WTC attacks, his presence was required by a certain government department, and, thanks to his collaboration, they could stop a previously planned attack. Too bad the second time, we weren´t so lucky... 
Bob: You´re beginning to get my attention. Now tell me where my son is. 
Agent: My job ends here. I can´t do anything else for you by now. Just keep in mind what I told you. You´ll soon see your son Christopher again. (He points with his hand to an esplanade, at one side of the road and Bob stops the car there. The unknown man gets out of the car and walks around towards Bob´s window.) Mr. Ewing, your son is very valuable to many people, more than you can guess, and you´ll soon realize it... 
(Bob nods skeptical and drives off, turning 180 degrees to go back to the highway. Minutes later, a helicopter picks the Agent up and flies him away from there...) 
(Tilt upwards to the Shepard Industries Building, at the center of Dallas. Zoom to middle shot of Sue Ellen at her office. Somebody knocks on the door) 
Sue Ellen: Come in. 
Shania: Good morning Sue Ellen. Here´s your mail. 
Sue Ellen: Thank you darlin´. You got the budget for next year ready? 
Shania: Yeah, it´s here too. 
Sue Ellen: Perfect.(She opens up one of the letters and looks surprised) I just can´t believe it... 
Shania: Is there any problem, Sue Ellen? 
Sue Ellen: No, only one inconceivable thing. It´s an invitation letter from Mrs. Madeleine Farlow at my name and John Ross´s and companions, to attend the fundraising party she´s gonna hold within 3 weeks at ...the house where my former familyin-law, the Ewings, used to live at. 
Shania: That´s being civil! 
Sue Ellen: I´d call it something harder myself, that woman must yhink that everybody in Dallas is stupid...Very kind of her to hold a Mascarade Ball, anyway. 
Shania: If it´s a fundraising event, maybe you should go, remember that you are nominated as “Woman of the Year” and this could make you score a point... 
Sue Ellen: I dont´t need a reason to donate money for charitable causes, Shania, and that award won´t bring me anything at all as a person. 
Shania: Actually I´ve...taken a little liberty, hope you don´t mind, Sue Ellen. 
Sue Ellen: You know I like people with their own initiative. What is it? 
Shania: I was reading your bio on “Who´s Who?” online and thought this could be part of an advertising campaign for the company...(Shania opens up a folder and takes a poster with Sue Ellen´s current look, along with a picture of Mandy Winger´s old poster for Valentine Lingerie and the line: “Shepard Industries: Where everything began...”) 
Sue Ellen (wide open eyes and angry looking): But, what kind of joke is this, Shania? (She quickly gets up and points at the door) Burn down that poster and be thankful I won´t fire you right now...(A teary-eyed Shania walks to the door, until Sue Ellen notices her tears and closes the door). I´m sorry, come on sit. (Shania, her blue eyes full of tears, doesn´t seem to feel the way she wants to feel) 
Shania: What did I do wrong Sue Ellen? 
Sue Ellen: You don´t know how sorry I am darlin´. Just forgot that you´ve been in Dallas only for a short time so you mustn´t know about my past, aside of what I told you. That...young lady...wasn´t just the first “Valentine Girl” when I apurchased that company, but also my husband´s flower of the month. I secretly hired her, made her a top model and actress and threw her away from Dallas forever. End of the story. But actually, of all the women passing by J.R.´s life, she was the only one who almost took my place. 
Shania: And didn´t that Mandy ever return to Dallas? O try to thank you somehow what you did for her? 
Sue Ellen: “That” kind of woman never thanks anything, they just give a bad reputation to the others... 
Shania (sounding sybilline as if she intends to winkle something out): And didn´t you see her again after that...? Neither had any news about her...? 
Sue Ellen: To me, Mandy Winger is as dead like Empress Nefertiti...Well, all this mummy talking has infuriated me a little, I think I´m gonna go to the gym and get a hydrotherapy session...And dry up your tears honey, I promise to be more open-minded to your next idea...(Sue Ellen picks her purse up and walks out of the office). 
Shania: You lying bitch...No, Mandy is not dead not by a long shot and you´ll soon know it... 
(Sue Ellen says a friendly goodbye to the receptionist and gets into one of the three elevators; Dusty Farlow comes out of the next one, wearing a suit and tie, and walks towards the receptionist) 
Dusty: Good morning, may I see Ms. Sue Ellen Shepard. 
Receptionist: Do you have an appointment with her? 
Dusty (smiling): No, but we´re old friends and she´ll get happy for sure if you tell her who I am. My name is Dusty Farlow... 
Receptionist: In fact she left just when you were coming in. If you had arrived one minute earlier, you´d have found her at the door... 
Dusty (disappointed): Too bad...Would you please give her this card in my name, and tell her that Dusty Farlow was here? 
Receptionist (smiling back): Of course, I will give it to her. Have a nice day, Mr. Farlow... 
(Dusty heads to the elevators again and, at the people´s back, closes his eyes saddened...and passes his right hand over his mouth.) 
(Façade of the 80´s Club, with its parklot full of fancy cars and limos. The camera pans into the Club through a window. The song “Strange (I´ve seen that face before)” by Grace Jones begins to play.) 
Strange I've seen that face before
Seen him hanging round my door
Like a hawk stealing for the pray
Like the night waiting for the day"
(Right then, Barbara enters the place, wearing a very sexy elegant gown and walking very self-assured to the bar) 
Barbara: Hi Sammy sweetie...(she says, throwing the hunky black bartender a kiss with her hand) How are you? 
Sammy: Great Barb. It´s been a long time... 
Barbara: Yeah, I´ve been travelling a lot, ye know sweetie...I´d love to taste one of those “Screaming Orgasms” you prepare so well... 
Sammy: My pleasure! Almost nobody dares to ask for one of those...having that name...(Barbara laughs out loud and turns around into the dance floor´s direction. The song continues) 
"Dance in bars and restaurants
Home with anyone who wants
Strange he’s standing alone
Staring eyes chill me to the bone"

(Suddenly, Barbara notices a known face, who´s having a drink at the bar in front of her, at the opposite side of the wide dance floor. The young man wears Armani and holds a glass of something that looks like vodka on the rocks. She thinks she´s identified him and starts to walk towards him, looking at him). 

"Tu cherches quoi, recontrer la mort? 
Tu te prends pour qui
Toi aussi tu detestes la vie"

Barbara (in front of the young man): Hello…my name is Barbara. What´s yours? 
Young Man: I´m Julian...(Barbara smiles ear to ear...) 

"Dans sa chambre Joel et sa valise
Un regard sur ses fringues
Sur les mures des photos sans regret..."

(Fade into next shot with the song still playing. Close shot of Barbara and Julian kissing with passion while they take each other´s clothes impatiently, sure of the other´s desire. Eventually they look at each other and smile, and kiss again. Travelling to the window with the moon in the background...) 

(Fade out and End of Act 3) 

(Close shot of Madeleine looking at herself in the mirror, touching her make-up and then parfumes herself...) 
Madeleine (in loud voice): Forsythe! What time is it? 
Forsythe (off): Five minutes to eight Mrs. Farlow. 
Madeleine (upset): Oh my God, he must be arriving...(She gets out of her bedroom and joins Forsythe) Tonight everything´s got to be perfect, dear Forsythe, our guest is very, very special. If everything goes the way I think, you´ll soon have a few more assistants and a nice monthly bonus... 
Forsythe: That´s very kind from you... 
Madeleine: I think he´s coming... 
Forsythe: But madam, it sounds like a helicopter landing... 
Madeleine: Of course he is coming on a helicopter. I´m out to welcome him...(Madeleine walks down the majestic staircase and then out through the backdoor, to the helicopter landing ground) 
Forsythe (to himself): Assistants, bonuses, helicopters, demolished manors, dont´t know how this will end up... 

(Smiling but anxious, Madeleine watches the helicopter landing and two men in black getting off with sun-glasses who she guesses are the bodyguards. When she seems to see the face of her guest who´s coming down, she approaches with a wide smile)
Madeleine: Welcome to my humble home, Mr. President. We wish you feel like home...(back shot of the guest and zoom to Madeleine´s happy face) 

(A door is opened and Ray enters with Donna´s suitcases, followed by Donna herself) 
Ray: Wow, I understand you had to pay for luggage excess babe... 
Donna: Well I bought a couple of things only, dresses for Maggie and one for me to attend Dave´s tribute gala. 
Ray (leaving everything down and getting closer to her): Welcome home (he kisses and hugs her). How was the tribute? 
Donna: Moving and hard altogether. Luanne kept calm until she was home and then she had a good cry. I was more glad to be with her at that moment. The saddest thing is the feeling of fear everybody has up there in N.Y.C. You can feel it on the street, whenever you talk to anyone, even on the TV news. As if the whole city had changed and never could be the old New York again. 
Ray: A lot of guys who were in Vietnam came home with the same feeling of having lost something they couln´t get back. Eleventh of September was like a short war that started and ended the same day... 
Donna: Upon what I heard at the Washington corridors, this could be just the beginning: aborted attacks, rumors of a likely war declaration against Afghanistan...I have goose bumps just thinking of it. 
Ray (holding Donna tighter): I´m so happy you´re here with me again... 
Donna (surprised): Ray, what´s wrong? I love your hugs but this one has lasted five minutes already...Anything happened here?
Ray: O.K., let´s sit down, you must be exhausted.(Both of them sit down at the kitchen table) I´ve talking with Barbara... 
Donna: With Barbara? About what? 
Ray: About what she told Bob when Clayton died. ´bout the information she got about Madeleine and what let her take Southfork away from us. 
Donna (thoughtful): I´m listening up Ray. 
Ray: Better see it yourself (he gets up and takes a folder out of his briefcase). 
Donna (passing the pages carefully as she reads some parts of it): My God...If this is true... 
Ray: Donna, it is true, she can´t be wrong, there are too many coincidences... 
Donna: If this is true, our neighbor Madeleine could end up in jail really soon...and the Ewing family could get Southfork back. 
Ray: Ye mean you´re with us? 
Donna: Of course I am darlin´. You know that our being here, at the hotel, was purely strategic and we were expecting something like this to have the opportunity of making justice...at least, in our small world. 
Ray (holding her hand): That´s my little wife...Anyway, I must tell ye something before. No more secrets between us... 
Donna (with wide open eyes): ...I´m beginning to get upset Ray...Just say it please. 
Ray: Remember when you two came back to Andrew´s, after settling back to 
Dallas? I´m talking ´bout ´92 or ´93. 
Donna: Yeah, you mean the time Barbara showed up, don´t you? 
Ray: Exactly. After you left, I didn´t know that Andrew was blackmailing you into staying with him and keeping up his image as a spoltless politician. 
Donna: Yes, I oughtta have told you that. 
Ray: Well, so, it was then when I lost any hope to reconcile with you and get my family back, and I...had an affair with Barbara...until you returned again divorced from Andrew... 
Donna (she stands up and turns her back on him. After a one-minute silence, she says): That´s all? 
Ray: Yep. We fell in love but had nothing to do with us, and seeing her again these days, made me remember what a great person she was and the bad times she had gone through, and was able to pull herself together and improbé her life with our help...Don´t wanna this to effect on all we have to recover...No more secrets. 
Donna (gulping): O.K. Ray. (Turning around again) No more secrets. (Ray gets up and hugs her again, while Donna silently cries, knowing she can´t keep that promise...) 

(Travelling with Gary Ewing driving his sports car up to the manor and fade into a long shot of the living-room) 
Bob: Your visit is a surprise Gary. We thought you still were at the Northern Gas Rigs. 
Gary: Yes, I was. But yesterday I got something that made me rush back (he says, as he gets a folded note out of his pocket. He unfolds it and shows it to Bob, who reads it: “If you wanna see your nephew Christopher alive again, it will cost you 5 million dollars. We will contact you.”) 
Bob (looking at the note reverse): And how did you get it, in an envelope? 
Gary: Aha. With a Mexico postmark on it. 
Bob: Do you think that maybe it´s got something to do with Chris missing? 
Gary: Actually not. But I do think that someone out there wants to revenge on me. In fact, even more than one. Remember last year´s affaire with Alan Beam and his accomplice setting up that scandalous show on Cliff´s channel? 
Bob: You think he might be behind everything? 
Gary: You got a better clue? 
Bob: Well, if you ask me, I do now. What´s more, I´ve just remembered John Ross´s kidnapping... 
Gary: The California incident, with that terrorist? 
Bob: No, it happened a few weeks after he was born: a woman who had miscarriaged her baby, had kidnapped John Ross but two of J.R. rivals tried to get the ransom money, and they almost got it. If I remember well, Alan Beam was already working for J.R. back then... 
Gary: So it was worthless to bring you this note... 
Bob: Oh no, it wasn´t! (he gets up and picks his phone up) Right now we are going to report the police about his, so they will be busy, and we´re goin´ to Houston. 
Gary: Houston? 
Bob: I´ll explain it on the way... 

(Maggie is chatting with a boyfriend on the net, in her bedroom...and, all of sudden, pops up a new email warning. Maggie clicks on her account icon and opens it. When she reads it, she gets quite a shock. The email, whose origin address is unreadable, has the following message: “PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
Signed, Chris.” Maggie picks her cell phone up and dials her parents´ home number...)

(Chris is looking at the screen and then he puts his glasses off and looks around, to check out if he´s alone. But, all of sudden, the figure of a man comes out of the darkness, wearing a white coat.) 
Chris: Ah, it´s you! 
Professor: Yes, you have nothing to be scared of. 
Chris: Did Jane come with you? 
Professor: No, she had to finish the new study program with Academy Committee. 
Chris: (Putting his glasses on again) I can´t stand it any longer... 
Professor: What do you mean? 
Chris: I mean this kidnap...(he abruptly gets up) Don´t dare to tell that this is not being kidnapped! 
Professor: We didn´t force you Chris. You made your choice because you wanted to be useful and close to Jane too. 
Chris: I´m sure there´s a better way to get both. 
Professor: Sorry to say no. Not anymore. You sent one email outside and someone could decode the address and tie up ends. 
Chris: What are you supposedly going to do with me? 
Professor: You´ll stay here, helping your country and your government, as you wanted... 
Chris: How long? 
Profesor: Permanently. 

(Establishing shot and Travelling to Dusty´s table, where he is having a drink. Dusty finishes it and calls the waitress.) 
Waitress: Do I bring another, sir? 
Dusty: No, I´m waiting for someone and wanna order for her. Please bring me two Perrier bottles with a slice of lemon in every glass. 
Waitress: All right. 
(The camera follows the waitress and, when she is off-screen, enter Sue Ellen into the cafeteria. Her eyes seek for him but she doesn´t recognize him. A serious looking Dusty waves up to call her attention. Sue Ellen smiles a big but not totally honest smile and walks to the table.) 
Dusty: Hello Sue Ellen. (Dusty stands up and she kisses his cheek) 
Sue Ellen: Oh mine, Dusty, I´m so happy to see you...Why didn´t you call me before? 
Dusty: Actually I did, and I even called on your office once to invite you to lunch. But it seems you haven´t been given my messages or my card... 
Sue Ellen: Lucky you could find out John Ross´s phone number and he contacted us. How are you doin´, how is everything? I was very sorry about your divorce from Barbara´s daughter Carrie... 
Dusty: You look so beautiful Sue Ellen. You didn´t look that great for a long long time... 
Sue Ellen: Thank you. You´re still living at Southern Cross, I guess. 
Dusty: Wrong, actually my dear Carrie demanded its ownership in her divorce suit and that bloodsucker lawyer of hers ended up stealing my ranch away...for one of the Ewings´ acquaintances. 
Sue Ellen: Who is it? 
Dusty: My ex stepmother Madeleine. 
Sue Ellen (shocked): Who?! 
Dusty: Just who you heard. But I didn´t call you to talk about this. 
Sue Ellen: Oh... 
Dusty: Sue Ellen...I do need you...I´ve lost all that I had: dad, the ranch, I can´t even ride a horse due to my former injury...About Carrie…I was looking for you in her, that´s why our marriage failed. I´ve been looking for you in every woman since we made apart. Sue Ellen...I need your help more than ever...if I meant anything to you…(Sue Ellen gets still more surprised and arches her eyebrows...Fade to black) 
End of Episode 16
Special Guest Star: 
as Alex
Special Appearance By:
as Dusty Farlow
Guest Stars:
as Agent
as Professor

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