Vendor Form 2019

Are you a craft artisan?  We are looking for local craft vendors that have a desire to grow their craft as they work for a purpose!  You will share the marketplace with crafts from Africa!
Artisans sell their crafts at the market and divide the proceeds 50% to Nesteam International as a donation for their work in Zambia with at-risk people.  50% is retained by the artisan.  We will give you a donation receipt for the donated amount.  Nesteam International, Inc., is a 501c3 charity. For more information on Nesteam you may go to our website at

You do not need to be at your display unless you so choose, or if you are doing a craft.  We welcome you to talk with visitors about your craft and promote it at the market.  We have a central pay station and people are in attendance to watch over the market.  You can volunteer if you wish!

As a vendor, please send us any copies of your crafts that you may wish for us to display on the website.

Download the Artisan Form below, fill out and email to:   

Lee Albaugh,
Jun 3, 2019, 9:07 AM