Munada Market Changes to Online in 2020

 After an 8 year run at Oregon Heritage Farms, the Munada Market is going to change into an online market!

We remain committed to our purpose to be On Safari for Faith and Healing!
With the coming of the Corona Virus which has now spread around the world, it is more important than ever to have a platform where we can continue to impact people at the point of need, both spiritual and physical.  Our African partners are not forgotten!

 We Thank Oregon Heritage Farms for all they have done to sponsor the market at the big red barn with their awesome apples and store!  Please support them when they open up this Fall.

We have crafts from our African partners and our own loyal local artisans!  At this site you will see many of the crafts that can be purchased.  Those items will be 


 Local and African crafts







Visit Oregon Heritage Farms this Apple Season