Crafts, Products and Services at the Munada

NickyBecky Casuals
Our Munada will include vendors and craftspeople of many kinds.
Here are a few you will not want to miss!

NickyBecky Casual Bags!
For the young on the go families, these bags are double lined, hand crafted with designs that will make you smile!  
Inside pockets for those special phones or needs to be handy.
Monica (NickyBecky) and her husband Brian work with the kids to make these bags special, made with love and purpose!  
Special African prints will  be featured at the Munada

Atkinson Road Bike!

This beautiful restored Italian bike, restored by Atkinson in Astoria, is a beauty! One of a kind!

Carefully kept it perfect shape and offered by Gary Scott.  It will be a part of the Auction on Saturday night, but available fore view at the Munada market.  Keep your eye on this one!
For more information contact Lee at :

African Art and Treasures!

Beautiful Homespun fabric quilt from the ladies in Lakeport, California!

This beautiful country quilt is one you will not want to miss.  The fabrics were given to the quilters by the Lake Quilt Guild.  Vivid colors and designs.  The quilter is Julie Nodine from Lakeport.  Thank you, Julie, for this treasure!  It is valued at approximately $850.

Want to share your crafts and skills this year?  Download the Vendor form for 2015 below!  Mwaiseni!  
Lee Albaugh,
Jul 10, 2015, 7:57 PM