What is Cursillo?

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  • What is Cursillo?

    Cursillo is a Spanish word meaning “short course” or a “little journey.”  Thus a Cursillo in Christianity is a “short course in the Christian Faith” or a “little journey in Christian living.” Our format is presenting 5 talks each day of a 3-day weekend.  All necessities are provided in a Christian community of support so you can concentrate on learning about and experiencing God's grace.  Meals, showers and overnight sleeping are in the host church building.

  • What will I get out of attending?

    For many people it is an uplifting renewal in a different way than their home church worship and ministries.  Some even describe a mountain-top experience.  The talks present a method of staying close to Christ and sharing love with others.  A wealth of learning is promoted by the discussion of the talks and the planned events are a joyful discovery.

  • Who can attend?

    Cursillo is open to both laity and clergy, married or singles.  Men and women attend consecutive weekends or a co-ed weekend.  If you are active in a United Methodist church and desire to be a more 24/7 Christian, you are invited!  Someone who has previously attended a Cursillo Weekend will be your sponsor.

  • Who will be at the weekend?

    People like yourself, from all walks of life, who are curious and growing, dressed informally as you will be, making friends, being brothers and sisters… sleeping on cots or sleeping bags in a church… sharing together.  People who have previously attended a Cursillo Weekend donate their time and labor so that you can be free to live in the Cursillo Community.

  • What is "MUMC"?

    MUMC (MUM-see) is the Midland United Methodist Cursillo.  Volunteers from Kansas City and surrounding area communities in Kansas and Missouri make the weekends happen.  This is not an official ministry of the United Methodist Church.  A not-for-profit, the only funding is from MUMC volunteers' donations.

  • What is the cost?

    There is no cost for first time attendees. This was made possible by the generous memorial gift of a brother for whom the Cursillo weekend experience and community were a major impact in his life. All other persons in attendance pay a fee of $60.00 per person for the weekend. This covers food and supplies for everyone. Weekend spaces are reserved on first come basis.

  • What is Expected of Me?

    1. Being open to what is happening, and living in the now.
    2. Honestly trying to find out where you are now in your Pilgrimage.
    3. Being willing to make whatever responses you feel, and to allow others to respond in their own way 
        as God in the Holy Spirit directs them.
    4. Being secure in knowing that no specific response is expected of you.
    5. Being curious enough, thirsty enough, to commit three days of your life totally to Christ.

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