Our Charities

Charities are a huge part of what we do at Mumbai Connexions and our members value making a difference. We work closely with a few NGO’S to provide donations and support, and we encourage our members to get involved where they can.

*We hope to resume volunteering activities at our nominated charities once the pandemic situation allows. For further information contact mconnexions@gmail.com

Here are some of the NGO’s we support:


Kranti works with girls from extremely vulnerable backgrounds, including the daughters of sex workers, trafficked girls or socially marginalised young women. This charity educates and empowers young girls to become agents of change within their communities.


Sharanam Centre in Dharavi provides a loving home for 30 girls who were formerly homeless, destitute, neglected or abandoned.

The girls are encouraged to complete their education as well as develop their talents in the creative arts, music and dance so that they can go on to live independent and productive lives.

Happy Home and School for the Blind

The Happy Home for the Blind is a place where children with visual/multiple impairment begin their first steps to understand their environment and learn that their world is connected to what they hear, feel and touch but cannot see.

It is a special place where 200 happy smiling boys’ cross barriers of language, religion and creed and make you forget trivial problems

Street Children’s Project - Corp

The Street Children’s Project is run by one of Mumbai Connexions sponsored charities The Community Outreach Programme (CORP). Of all the deprived children in India’s society, street children are the most vulnerable. Many children have been abandoned, orphaned, victimized by abuse or have parents who are simply unable to provide care or a roof over their head. Corp and Mumbai Comexions are working with the children on an educational programme.

Days for Girls

Days for Girls is an international charity that aims to empower women worldwide through menstrual care and education. By providing proper information and making hygienic practises easy, young girls do not need to fear their periods, and can continue to receive to receive an education as they grow up

Jeevan Sach

Jeevan Sach provides safe shelter and education for 30 girls who are the daughters of sex workers in Navi Mumbai. The girls are aged 6-17 years old and live in two houses as families.

Welfare for Stray Dogs

This charity strives to reduce the number of cases of rabies and births of stray dogs through a few programs including adoption. It works with several dogs at a time to address health issues at a time to address health issues and adoption.

Shepherds Widow Home & The Helpers of St Mary

Both charities above are age care facilities and before COVID, members would play BINGO with the elderly ladies and gentlemen. The games were good fun, and the older residents of Mumbai got a chance to socialise.

Catherine of Sienna School and Orphanage

This school is a primary school for 200 street children and a home for 100 aged 5-22 years. Students are in extreme poverty and are offered life skills training. Counselling and a strong community.

Apne Aap

This charity provides a safe space, food and tutoring for the children of sex workers, giving them a better quality of life and empowering them to break the cycle of prostitution.


Mann is dedicated to fostering independence and employability among individuals with special need like Autism, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability through skills training, vocational support and physical wellbeing support and social skills

Access Smile

This is a new NGO and provides children in Mumbai who are born with cleft palates the opportunity to have surgery thereby allowing them to speak and eat improving nutrition and communication. There are approximately 35,000 children in Mumbai with this debilitating condition.

These children seldom survive their first year of life. They can’t suckle and they tend to get pneumonia because of aspiration of food. They have difficulties learning to speak and they face discrimination.