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Law Colleges - Maharashtra(with courses)

Law Colleges in Maharashtra

Law can be described as a cooperative organization that promotes an individual, any individual’s right to legitimate and unbiased defence. The system gives everyone an opportunity to utilize their birthright of defending themselves, their people, their liberty, their property, their dignity, their name and much more. Law is an arrangement of rules and regulation enforced through an appointed set of institutions namely Judiciary, Legislative, Executive, Military and Police, Bureaucracy, a civil society and others.

The law of a country influences its political system, economy, society, industries, educational system and others in various ways. Everything from the purchase of a bus ticket to issues like plagiarism is controlled by the Contract Law, Trade mark law, Copyright and IP rights or patent laws etc of the country. Rights and obligatory duties to be duly performed by individuals or organisations involved in property deals are imposed by the Property Law of the country.

Subjects like pension funds, health and life insurances etc related to investments and financial security are regulated by a section called Trust Law. One can claim compensations on inflicted injury, accidents causing property or physical harm etc through the Tort law. If the harm is criminalised in a penal code, criminal law offers means by which the state prosecutes and punishes the perpetrator. Protection of people’s rights, human rights, animal rights and the election of political representatives is done with the help of the country’s Constitutional Law.

Activities of the administrative agencies of the country’s government are regulated by the Administrative Law whereas diverse matters between self-governing countries are looked after by the International Law. Besides these, there are also Company or Corporate Law, Labour Law, Taxation Law, Civil Law, Family Law etc. Law is thus a mandatory force towards the complete development and progress of a nation and its people through the maintenance and reign of justice. 

There is an evolving need for law professional in India owing to the constantly changing economic and social scenario of the country. The educational situation in the state of Maharashtra comprises of a number of law colleges and institutes like M P Law College in Aurangabad, Navjeevan Law College in Nasik, N S Law College in Sangli etc which offer a variety of courses:

Bachelor Courses:

  • Bachelor Of Academic Law (BAL)
  • Bachelor of Business Law (BBL)
  • Bachelor Of General Law (BGL)

Master Courses:

  • LLM
  • Master Of Business Law (MBL)

Certificate Courses:

  • Certificate Course in Consumer Protection
  • Certificate Course in Human Rights
  • Certificate Course In Women & Law

Diploma Courses:

  • Diploma In Labour Law
  • Diploma In Law Of Taxation

Post Graduate Diploma Courses:

  • Post Graduate Diploma In Consumer Protection Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Human Rights Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Labour Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Law & Public Services
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Law and Ethics
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Taxation Law