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Diploma Colleges

Mumbai has emerged as one of the best places for learning and pursuing higher education. There are varieties of colleges offering diploma courses to potential scholars in order to suit the developing career prospective within the country and overseas. One can find a lot of diploma colleges in Mumbai offering short-term, part-time and pull-time diploma courses to the students. Also, available are a few distance learning colleges that offer diploma in various branches. Distance learning institutes assist an individual to continue with the studies alongside job. The colleges are governed either under the state government or under private sector. Some of the reputed diploma colleges in Mumbai are affiliated to regional universities or are UGC recognized.

The diploma colleges in Mumbai doesn’t have much to offer the 10+2 pass outs, but after graduation degree a scholar can avail better chances through enrolling into diploma courses. In order to enroll into these colleges a student is either required to qualify a test held by the college or admission is done on merit basis. Computer Management, Fine Arts, Fashion Designing, Airlines, Catering and Business Management are some of the diploma courses offered by several colleges. Students can also enroll into the diploma colleges in Mumbai for various traditional courses which include Yoga, Languages, Palmistry and Astrology, since these courses have become more structured and are attracting the potential students.

Education on India has undergone major changes and with these changes students have got greater avenues opened in front of them.

The change in education system of India has started attracting foreign students too. With this change, the students have also got a huge variety of career options.

Talking of standard 12th, traditionally every student used to get them selves enrolled in a bachelor’s degree course according to the stream they chose in 11th standard. Now with emerging newer trends in the education system, more and more students are opting for several diploma courses after 12th to specialize primarily in their chosen area of study.

There are many short as well as long term diplomas that a student can choose from. These diplomas add to the career options and instill expertise in their field of study. Some of the courses are so coveted and prestigious that in order to get admission in to those courses, students have to give common entrance examinations of a good difficulty level.

Some of the very popular diplomas courses after 12th are:

  • Diploma in business management
  • Diploma in catering
  • Diploma in hospitality and aviation
  • Diploma in fashion designing
  • Diploma in interior designing and decoration
  • Diploma in fine arts
  • Diploma in computer application
  • Diploma in journalism and mass communication
  • Diploma in engineering

Some new diploma courses after 12th that have picked up popularity among students having passed their 12th standard are:

  • Diploma in astrology
  • Diploma in palmistry
  • Diploma in various languages
  • Diploma in physical education
  • Diploma in yoga

Some institutes give the facility of pursuing these courses through distance education too. Online support for teaching and guidance also is being given in such courses. Those institutes provide boarding facilities to outstation students.

Diploma courses after 12th: Science

For students who are from science stream and would want to continue with technical studies but through diploma courses have many options to consider. They are

  • Diploma in nursing
  • Diploma in physiotherapy
  • Diploma in medical lab technology
  • Diploma in radiological technology
  • Diploma in engineering (electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil, chemical, IT etc)
  • Diploma in ophthalmology

And many more.

Diploma courses after 12th: Commerce

Students who passed their 12th with commerce stream have great options in diploma courses. They are

  • Certificate program in insurance
  • Diploma in industrial accountancy
  • Diploma in banking
  • Diploma in equity arbitrage trading and operation
  • Diploma in financial accounting
  • Diploma in stock analysis and portfolio management

Diploma courses after 12th: Arts

Humanities or arts is discipline of study that has maximum number of diploma courses options. The students who are interested in pursuing a diploma in creative fields of study have numerous options. They are

  • Diploma in 3D animation
  • Diploma in fashion designing
  • Diploma in interior designing
  • Diploma in broadcast journalism
  • Diploma in film making and direction
  • Advanced diploma in multimedia
  • Certificate in cinematography
  • Certificate in editing and production
  • Diploma in advertising and marketing
  • Diploma in event management
  • Diploma in graphic designing
  • Diploma in gems and jewellery
  • Diploma in fine arts
  • Diploma in radio jockeying
  • Diploma in sound recording
  • Diploma in photography
  • Diploma in airport management
  • Diploma in aviation and hospitality
  • Diploma in travel and tourism
  • Diploma in acting
  • Diploma in various languages

And many more.

By opting for such specialized diploma courses students prepare them selves well for their career and specialize effectively in their chosen field of study.
Diploma courses after 10th

Today’s education system has witnessed a great change.

Earlier students did not have many streams of study or courses to opt for but today several courses have sprung up in the education sector. Students after completing their 10th standard can opt for short and long term diploma courses. Diploma courses of varying field of study are available for students to choose from. Many courses are quite off beat and offer specialization in a subject or discipline of study.

With the introduction of such courses and many others too education industry has diversified itself in a huge way giving greater scope to students after their 10th standard. Most students however still prefer following the traditional courses and path of studies by opting for formal 11th and 12th standard studies.

Some new Diploma courses after 10th that have been introduced by many educational institutions are:

  • Vocational courses in fisheries
  • Course in tool and die making
  • Course in printing technology
  • Course in leather technology
  • Forest ranger courses
  • Course in poultry
  • Diploma in dairy management and animal husbandry
  • Diploma in general nursing
  • Certificate course in applied statistics
  • Certificate course in entrepreneurship techniques
  • Certificate course in building supervision

Apart from these off beat courses the usual and more popular Diploma courses after 10th that students pursue are:

  • Courses in modeling
  • Diploma courses in interior designing and decoration
  • Diploma in secretarial practice
  • Diploma in applied arts
  • Diploma in dramatics
  • Diplomas in various languages
  • Diploma in stenography
  • Diploma in beauty culture and hair dressing, garment technology and others
  • Diploma in music
  • Diploma in dance
  • Diploma in medical laboratory technology
  • Diploma in accountancy
  • Certificate in social service
  • Diploma in engineering (electronics, mechanical, electrical, computers, automobile etc.)

Some academic experts still feel that no matter how many diploma courses get introduced in India, preference for placements would be given to students with usual formal educational pattern. Many organizations are opening up to the idea of doing diploma courses after 10th standard but still this pattern of education has a long way to go till it is accepted with open arms.