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Fee Structure

MBA in Hotel Management 24 Months AnyDegree  Min 40% Mks 45,000/pa*
 M. Sc. in Hotel Management 24 Months  Any Degree 45,000/pa*
 P. G. Diploma in Hotel Management 24 Months   Any Degree 45,000/pa*
 B.Sc. in Hotel management & Tourism 36 Months HSC 45,000/pa*
 B.Sc. in Hotel management & Catering Operation 36 Months HSC 45,000/pa*
Diploma in Hotel management & Catering Technology 24 Months SSC 35,000/pa*
 Lateral Entry to 2nd year Diploma or 2nd/3rd year Degrees Subject to University rules    


 Certificate in Hotel Management in Catering   Technology 12 Months HSC 35,000/- pa *
 Certificate in Food Production (cookery) 12 Months SSC 25,000/- pa*
 Certificate in Bakery and Confectionary 12 Months SSC 18,000/- pa*
 Certificate in F& B Management 06 Months SSC 15,000/- pa*
 Certificate in Travel & Tourism Management 06 Months SSC 15,000/- pa*
 Certificate in Retail Management  06 Months HSC 15,000/- pa*
 Certificate in Housekeeping 06 Months SSC 10000 06 Months SSC 10,000/- pa*


 Diploma in F & B (production & service) Mgmt (Restaurant Mgmt) 12 Months SSC 36000/-
 Certificate in Food Production Principles (cookery) 06+03 Months SSC 18000/-
 Craft Certificate in Bakery & Confectionary 6+3 Months SSC 13000/-
 Certificate in Indian/Chinese/Continental cuisine 1 Months SSC 7000/-
 Certificate in  Front Office management 6+3 Months SSC 18000/-
 Certificate in Carving (Fruit & Ice) 2 Months SSC 10000/-
 Certificate course in Bar tendering 2 Months SSC 15000/-

Courses for Foreign Nationals      
 Diploma and Degree programmes for Foreign  Nationals 24 & 36  Months Resp 0 level 03000 USD/pa
 Certificate in Indian Culinary Art for Foreign Nationals 06  Months 0 level 01450 USD
 Certificate in Indian Culinary Art for Foreign Nationals 6+3 Months 0 level 2200USD
 Certificate in Indian Culinary Art for Foreign Nationals 12 Months 0 level 03000 USD

* PLUS OTHER CHARGES. Most reasonable Fee structure ranging from Rs. 3000/- per year for craft courses. Diploma And Degree courses - Fees Starting from Rs.10,000/- . SCHOLARSHIP and Installment facility is offered to needy students 

Hostel Charges: Rs. 1,500/- per month towards lodging and boarding extra

Scholarships and Financial Aid
 Every year, Mumbai College of hotel Management offers a limited number of scholarship and assistantship opportunities for exceptional students who are financially challenged. These range from a tuition fee waiver of 10% to 75% in exchange for on-campus employment as Tutors, Lab assistants Office assistants, event managers etc.

Educational Loan :-

The high cost of education need no longer stand between you and your career aspirations. If you have the drive, banks will take care of your finances. Easily affordable terms and quick hassle free processing repayment on monthly installment. So what are you waiting for ? Just walk into Bank of your choice.
Most education loan schemes offer delayed repayment, which allows students to complete their programs and settle into their careers, without the immediate load of monthly installment. 
To qualify for an Educational Loan, the following criteria apply :
1. Applicant should be a resident Indian 
Minimum net annual income of Rs. 150,000/- for secured loan an Rs. 75,000/- for un- secured loan 
To qualify for an Educational Loan, the following criteria apply
Applicant should be a resident Indian 
Minimum net annual income of Rs. 150,000 for secured loan and Rs. 75,000 for unsecured loan 
Student must have secured admission to a recognised college / university in India or abroad*
Registration fees, Tuition fees, Sp. tuition fees, University Enrolment Fees, Examinations Fees, Uniform charges, Tool Kit and Incidental charges and other charges.Now Banks urged to relax education loan norms 
Chief Minister N. Rangasamy on Monday urged banks to relax norms for distribution of education loans so as to provide an opportunity for students belonging to the economically weaker sections to pursue higher education.

The banks should adhere to the directives of the Union Finance Ministry not to insist on collateral security to sanction education loans, he said, after inaugurating the branch of Vijaya Bank on the premises of the Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at Kurumbapet.