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This website is dedicated to the invertebrates ("bugs") seen and photographed in Sarawak, Malaysia. Specifically, in Gunung Mulu National Park and World Heritage Area, Niah National Park, and Lambir Hills National Park.

Additional (and some vertebrates too) and New for 2013, Bako National Park, Semmengoh Wildlife Reserve (orangutang), Bario, Miri Fossil Inverts, Kinabalu Park (Poring Hot Springs in Sabah - With Rafflesia)
Ted Brattstrom - author and photographer
I have visited Sarawak three times so far (2010, 2012 & 2013), and, among other fascinations are the invertebrates I've seen.

Not being an entomologist, I just look, get amazed, and take a picture or two.

What I'd like to do is to begin to find out what they are - and - since there are always new inverts being discovered and described, possibly assist in the finding of a new species or three.

I apologize in advance for occasional focus and depth of field issues. Due to the distance / time of day / auto-focus vs non-auto-focus / and movement on the part of myself or the "bug" in question - some images are less than perfect. I figured it was better to have partial documentation rather than none. What an excuse for another trip and more photographic equipment. The June 2013 trip saw the addition of a 100mm Macro lens, which improved some things!!!

I also apologize for my "classification" and headings - yes, I realize some are quite off... and they are in process of being fixed.

Please - If you know what they are - common name / scientific name / local name - please send me an e-mail with the image / "bug" / page, and I will happily add in the information and credit.

If you are an entomologist - and want more information - I've got higher resolution images of each - and occasionally multiple images.

(and yes, I have snuck a few vertebrates in there :-) I felt it a shame to leave out a few images just because they had backbones!)

Thank you for your visit / interest / and involvement.

Legal: All images (with the exceptions of several maps - and the picture of me) Copyright Ted Brattstrom 2010, 2012, 2013
Picture of me Copyright Lisa King 2010
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