Innovation by the people for the people               .

Why most inventors don't profit from their own inventions? 

Over 80% of inventors have already assigned their invention before the USPTO had issued the patent, which means that they have transferred all their commercial rights to another entity. What pushes more than 80% of our creative minds to abandon their inventions? Is it a rational decision that they willingly make? NO! We expose the problems independent innovators are facing in the high-tech economy. We expose the new financial and economical power structure in the rich countries, and how people are now being harvested for their creativity, as they were being used for their skilled manual labor during the industrial era. 

We propose new alternatives for taking innovations to the market, bypassing the established power structures and putting the entire value created in the hands of creators. See SENSORICA a project created by Multitude Project

Why not all talented, hard-working people contribute to humanity? 

Creative minds from developing parts of the world, hard working people who possess great social skills, but who are deprived of essential resources are entitled to contribute to humanity, and to feed their families and their local communities in doing so. We propose a new game! We give those individuals the chance to connect with the world, to form creative and productive collaborative networks, value networks, and to contribute with their solutions to the world's problems. We connect the have-nots with potential and the haves in a win-win game.   

We are rethinking innovation 

in the context of our modern society, in the  context of the new  culture of 
openness, sharing and collaboration, in the spirit of the multitude movement 

             Let's build the engine of the new economy!         . 

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