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 TOGETHER, we try to understand the new world we live in, we build a language to express our understanding, we build a vision for a brighter future, and we trace the path towards it!

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Is Multitude Project just a website, a blog, a community...?

Multitude is a fast-rising global social movement. It is a new culture, a new philosophy, a vibrant community, a large network of free peer-to-peer exchanges! It is the alignment of peoples' actions according to the understanding and the belief that the new technology provides very powerful tools to individuals to build value and to create wealth, bypassing classical institutions of power, monopolistic institutions, pre-established controlled channels. The Multitude movement builds new alternatives for production and distribution of value. It builds new institutions based on free communication, collaboration and coordination, based on openness and sharing, alongside classic hierarchical and monopolistic institutions. It does NOT directly attack to destroy classical institutions, it builds new ones to compete with them. In that sense, the Multitude movement is a constructive revolution.  

The Multitude Project is building the principle of this movement. We aspire to be the nucleus of this vibrant community, a vital node of this large decentralized network of thinkers, builders and doers that gives energy and consistency to the movement. 
  • We build a new language to understand and explain the metamorphic transformation of our society under the influence of the new technology, which introduces popular and democratic tools for communication, collaboration, and coordination, and which enables all individuals to exchange freely, to form collaborative networks to produce and to distribute value at the global scale. 
  • We put this new language in context, using it in our projects. 
  • We broadly distribute this new language through our social networks. 
  • We build and test new alternatives, new ways to create and to distribute value. All our creations are Creative Commons.
  • We build and maintain a solid infrastructure for this movement.

Is Multitude Project a digital activism community?

Our primary goal is to make the world a better place for all of us. We want to improve our society by creating new alternatives, which will eventually replace outdated institutions that breed injustice. We take a holistic approach to act on society. We also use digital activism. We consider digital devices, the Internet, the mobile technology, etc. merely as tools, albeit very potent ones.

What sort of social movement is Multitude?

Multitude is a constructive revolution. As opposed to the well known Bolshevik Revolution, which was a disruptive event through which one social system was destroyed and replaced with another one, the Multitude revolution operates a gradual, incremental change. We do NOT act to directly destroy old institutions, we do NOT directly attack the power elite, we are building new institutions, we are creating new alternatives to compete with the old ones. Eventually people and resources will flow from the old system, which is now collapsing, into the new.     

Is Multitude a political movement?

NO! Those who are dedicated to the Multitude movement are concerned in the first place with creating new alternatives that directly improve the lives of people. We create real value. We give people better tools to create, to produce, to distribute, to help each other, etc. Having said that, political parties can be part of the Multitude movement and carry our banner, if they embrace our philosophy. We also promote direct democracy

Who is the leader of the Multitude movement?

The Multitude movement has NO leader. This grass-roots movement is discentralized. It is composed of individuals and small groups holding together as a coherent entity by making effective use of the new communication, collaboration, and coordination technology. 

Why is Multitude Project on a free Google Sites web page?

There are enough free tools around us that a group of good willing human beings can use to change the future of our society. We want to send a clear message to the world that money is NOT the most important factor... 

The language quality on this website might not be at its best. We are not here to write prose, we have a job to do!