Multi Tool - All In One App

This awsome app offers 15 functions in one. No need to buy a dozen apps anymore. No need to switch between all these apps anymore. Save time and money. Now you can have it all in one.
This app is incredibly usefull.

- Currency converter. Converts between different currencies. The exchange rates are updated live from the internet.
- Unit converter. This function permits you to convert between units of 13 different categories. The supported types of units are distance, temperature, weight, volume, time, speed, surface, angle, data, typography , energy, power and pressure.
- GPS. Shows the latitude, longitude and altitude. It also displays your current motion speed (speed must be 10km/h at least). In addition the compass direction is displayed (only on iPhone 3GS).
- Address finder. This function shows your current address. Useful if you want to know the address where you are currently.
- Local map display. It displays a street map of your current position. With this app you will ever got lost anymore? A simple call of this function will show you where you are.
- Scientific calculator.
- RPN calculator. Calculator using Enter system.
- Level display. Measure the inclination of anything with your iPhone. A calibration function is included.
- 2D level display. Measures the inclination of a surface in both X and Y direction, includes a calibration function.
- Ruler. Measure distances with your iPhone in inch and centimeter.
- Flashlight. Use your phone as a flashlight in the dark. The color of the flashlight can be changed.
- Random number generator.
- Tip calculator.
- Date calculator. Calculates the number of days between two dates. Shows the date after a certain number of days counting from a date the user can specify.
- Price calculator.

Please note:
Several functions like the currency converter, the address finder and the local map display need an internet connection.
The location based functions like the GPS, the address finder and the local map display work better outside. Inside a building the precision will be lower. The altimeter display of the GPS does not work inside a building since it needs a satellite connection.
Functions which are not supported by your device or the installed OS will not show up.
The GPS function requires a device with a GPS module installed. That's why it is only available on the iPhone 3G and 3GS.
The compass direction display on the GPS screen is only available on the iPhone 3GS.
The address finder and the local map display require OS version 3.0 or higher.

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