Antoni Prats is an author in Catalan born in Sueca, Valencian Country, member of AELC, (The Association of Catalan Language Writers). He worked as a secondary school teacher and later on he was head of Spanish Language and Literature Department in Dènia. After his degree in Philosophy, he earned his doctorate in Catalan Philology with a thesis on the work of Salvador Espriu. 

Most of his literary work is as a poet although he has published some short stories and translations, apart from writing for the press. He also writes critical pieces in the form of essays, reviews, studies and approximations to different works in magazines and other kinds of publications. He was director of the literary review L'Aiguadolç until 2012. His book Salvador Espriu o la fidelitat als orígens appeared in 2013. 

Among his collections of poems are Epigrammata (1981), Cadells de la desfeta (Pups of Debacle, 1981), Dic el teu nom (I Say Your Name, 1994), El barranc i els còdols (The Gully and the Pebbles, 1995), Vora el silenci (At the Edge of Silence, 1999), Solatges (Antologia 1981-2000) (Lees. Anthology 1981 - 2000), Llibre de Benimaquia (The Book of Benimaquia, 2006), Baules (Links, 2006), L'esfinx (Sphinx, 2008), La joia (Joy, 2010), El llarg solatge (The Long Lee. Anthology 2013) and Encara (Still, 2013). His poems have also appeared, inter alia, in the anthologies Poetes del sud (Poets of the South)(2004), in Catalan, and with German translation in Iberia polyglotta (2006).

He is very active in cultural life, especially in the Institut d'Estudis Comarcals (Regional Studies Institute) of La Marina Alta