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From august 2011 to august 2012, I took a sabbatical year off, and together with my wife Yiwen Wang, we travelled in south-east Asia and in particular China, see romantic challenge9s) in Asia. In the future, having acquired a taste for travelling, we plan to travel more, and more specifically we plan to visit various institutes to to share our interests and give some lectures and workshops, as a way to visit friends and meet new people in pleasant and stimulating environments. For my background and interests look at offer(s) and CV. For the background and interests of my wife look at gypsy scholar.
This site provides information, material and support for our visit(s) abroad, and we are interested in offers that are challenging our expertise, provide an interesting environment, and cover basic costs.

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During our visit(s) we can give advice on matters of computer science and media education, and guide students in their ongoing work in fields encompassing multimedia application development, game design, user modelling, personalization and semantic web technology, in particular in the domain of cultural heritage. We are trained in giving workshops in the creative use of media and game technologies for both serious and fun applications. 
See information for more details.
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