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Multimedia projects were primarily meant for students from the master specialization multimedia (mCS/MM), but are to a limited extent open for other students. and then preferably as a follow-up on one of the other (multimedia @ VU) courses.

Multimedia and game development project(s) are individual, but may be done in (small) groups. Proposals for projects, both short and long, should be written in a way indicated in
 format(s). It is possible to do multiple short projects, see studyguide. Do not forget to register your project(s), long or short! For further details consult procedure(s). See  resource(s) for recommended technologies and other technical information.

For clarity, there is no fixed schedule, but as indicated in
procedure(s) all depends on the personal initiative(s) of the student(s)!

For final grading, prepare your deliverable(s), and make an appointment with your supervisor by email.