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Immersion Programs in Eugene, Oregon

What are Immersion Programs?

An immersion program is a type of bilingual education. At immersion programs here in Eugene, Oregon, students receive about or more than 50% of instruction in a language other than English. Some schools choose to teach certain subject matter in the
second language. For example, at the local French immersion school, Charlemagne at Fox Hollow, science classes are taught in French, while language arts, social studies, and health/social skills are taught in English.

Some schools also put emphasis on learning cultural aspects of the target language. For example, at Yujin Gakuen, the Japanese immersion school in Eugene, students participate in dance demonstrations at the annual Asian Festival. They also have an optional school trip to Japan when they are in 5th grade. The Spanish immersion school, El Camino del Rio, has after school activities including Latin music.

Fore more information on immersion programs, Center for Applied Linguistics has a great introductory article.

Immersion Programs in Eugene, Oregon

There are three immersion programs in Eugene, Oregon, as of spring 2010. These are public charter schools.

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