Functional mutlilingualism

Luxembourg is a particularly multilingual country. There are three official languages: Luxembourgish, French and German. Other languages used on a daily basis are those of the large immigrant communities (Portuguese, Italian ...) and of course English as the usual lingua franca of the world of international business and finance, as well as of the staff of the European institutions located in Luxembourg.

In this extraordinary context, multi-LEARN promotes a specific concept of functional multilingualism in its educational initiatives, which are taught in all the three languages of the Luxembourg scientific context: English, French and German. Learners need active knowledge of and fluency in English and additionally either French or German. Comprehension and reading skills in the three languages, and additional ones, are considered as an advantage.
Let us give you some further explanations concerning this concept of functional multilingualism: Working and doing research in multilingual and multicultural contexts of learning and development not only requires competencies in different languages but also an increased awareness of problems, questions and possible synergies related to those contexts.