MULTI-FILL Inc. is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology through continuous innovation and product improvements. We currently offer the following upgrades and options as a result of feedback from our customers:

Improve the performance and life of the belt with a blue positive drive belt upgrade. This system eliminates belt slipping while filling sticky products. The pin-less belt lacing (patent pending) is simple, strong, easy to use, and quick to clean.

The quick belt release system features a cam-lock at the bottom of the conveyor. By pulling the lever down, the tension of the belt is released so the idler shaft can be removed, making it possible to clean the bottom of the belt by lifting it up without taking it off the conveyor assembly.  


The filling head has been redesigned to improve safety, prevent parts damage, reduce cleaning time, and increase efficiency of the machine. No tools are required for disassembly. There are new safety switch interlocks on the tube hopper and front head plate. For their own protection, the upper and lower head plates and knife support now remain on the filler during cleaning.

Retrofit your filler with the knife and slide block quick release systems. These features allow sanitation operators to remove the knife and slide block quickly. Removing them from the filler makes them easier to sanitize and reduces cleaning time. The air cylinders and guards remain on the filler during cleaning.

  Upgrade product tube level sensors with the smaller, easier to adjust sensors. This unit features a controller module with digital input set point, digital readout of the intensity, and uses two sensors instead of four which makes it less expensive to maintain.

A new product conveyor rake design (reverse mount) effectively limits the amount of product going up the belt for better level control and improved accuracy. Combine this upgrade with the positive drive belt upgrade for maximum efficiency.

Adjustable arms
allow operators to easily adjust the height of the filling head over the production line, which is especially helpful in plants with uneven floors. The arms are bolted directly to the filling head, eliminating threads and studs that can trap food particles.

The precision volume adjustment handle permits faster volume adjustments while filling and improves accuracy with twenty times more resolution than before. This system is self-locking (no lock screws) and can be adjusted with one hand. It fits all knife assemblies and can be mounted on the front or back of the head. Conversions can be done in the field in about one hour.


Upgrade to an Allen Bradley touch screen color PanelView which is easier to read and operate. Ethernet option is also available.

The redesigned stainless steel gearbox and motor does not require an enclosure for protection against food particles. It is very sanitary and easy to clean.


A partial recirculation system considerably reduces the amount of fresh water by recycling liquid drained from the separator via the normal overflow. It can also work as a silencer, reducing the noise created by the vacuum pump.

Add a water collection pan to collect water from the water sprays and vacuum pump. The pan can be used as a stand-alone or together with the partial recirculation system (new models). The water can then be evacuated to a drain at one end of the pan. A dairy fitting is supplied to connect to a hose or pipe (older models).


Plants with two fillers on the same production line can have left-hand and right-hand model fillers with a bridge between the hoppers to increase capacity. One post dumper can fill both machines. The hopper bridge is removable for cleaning or maintenance access.

Add a conveyor catch pan that attaches to the base of the conveyor to catch water coming out of the water sprays and vacuum pump. The water can then be evacuated to a drain at one end of the pan. A dairy fitting is supplied to connect to a hose or pipe.


The vacuum plate under the filling head has been redesigned to improve its sealing properties, thereby improving efficiency.

Reduce the risk of contaminated, damaged, and lost parts with a parts cart. Recommended for each filler, the parts cart holds parts during changeover or cleaning. The cart is made of stainless steel and is mounted on casters. An optional locking toolbox can be added to the cart.