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Automatic fillers: MPFSH-075 & MPFSC-120

  • The MPFSH-075 has many of the features of the MPFSC-120 but is rated at speeds up to 75 containers per minute
  • It can be upgraded to the MPFSC-120 model for higher speeds at a later date

  • The MPFSC-120 filler can deposit products at speeds up to 120 containers per minute, depending on the product, fill volumes, container, and line configuration
  • This automatic machine requires minimal monitoring by an operator
  • Dual cabinet design separates pneumatic and electrical components
  • Product is loaded into the hopper and carried to the filling head by a conveyor for dosing
  • Conveyor with positive traction drive eliminates slippage; blue colored belt has fingers or solid cleats, depending on the products filled
  • The MPFSC-120 can be placed over a multiple lane production line to fill the same product into side-by-side containers and can be adapted with a distribution system
  • It can be placed over a vertical or horizontal bagging machine to fill into various pouch types such as flat, stand-up, etc.
  • A batch feed hopper can be added for extended capacity