Distribution Systems

distribution system for ready meals, pasta, rice
The distribution systems are designed to meet the challenge of placing hard-to-fill products such as cooked rice, pasta (long and short goods), vegetables, fruits, meats, cereals, pet foods, and deli-style salads and are custom built to accommodate various line configurations specific to a customer such as horizontal multi-lane intermittent conveying systems or vertical pouch machines.

Products are distributed from one filling head into multiple locations (e.g. 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 9 containers). As product is placed cleanly into the containers, seal contamination and re-work are minimized. They are mounted on top of the container conveyor line and a stainless steel enclosure is mounted on the side of the container conveyor line to hold all of the electrical and pneumatic components. The systems are patented.

Distribution systems replace hand-placing of the product into containers, multiple filling heads, and/or complicated depositor mechanisms such as buckets, cups, flappers, diverters, chutes, vibrators, and belts. They require minimal space on the production line.

The distribution systems can be used in combination with our volumetric fillers or other portioning systems such as vibrator feeders, multi-head weighing or scaling machines, rotary pocket fillers, or counting machines.


Three each, 4-position
distribution systems with MPFSC-120 model fillers at speeds of 252 cartons per minute (21 cycles x 12 containers)

  2-position stand-alone
distribution system

2-position distribution system
over pouch machine