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Examples of containers filled by the volumetric pocket filler.
With the explosion in the marketplace of refrigerated and frozen prepared meals in a multitude of oven and/or microwaveable, such as compartment trays, dishes, cups, boil-in-bags and the like, the food processors see themselves confronted with the task of economically filling relatively small quantities of a variety of foods. Many products are very delicate to handle and at the same time need to create eye appeal.

In the past, traditional filling methods did not provide gentle ha
ndling for these difficult to fill products without damage, or the ability to fill small quantities with reasonable accuracies. Therefore those filling requirements were accomplished by either hand fill or semi-automatic equipment, making the filling process costly in an ever growing and highly competitive marketplace. Multi-Fill has developed equipment to meet those requirements, the model MPF fillers.

These machines are used on most of the frozen dinner lines in the U.S., and on many other production lines worldwide. Among our customers are some of the most important players in the ready meal industry. The MPF volumetric pocket filler dispenses a wide variety of difficult-to-handle products such as cooked rice and pasta (long and short goods), IQF rice, sliced and diced vegetables (tempered or IQF) and fruits, as well as refrigerated and ready-to-eat salads. This system is ideally suited for ready meal containers including trays, cups, plates, pouches, jars and cans. The design and mobility allow it to be positioned directly over diverse production lines.

Two MPFSC-120 fillers depositing
spaghetti and green beans
Multi-Fill, Inc. offers much more than a quality filler. We offer service backed by experienced technicians and engineers. Multi-Fill, Inc. responds to the needs of its customers with continuous innovation.