Batch Feeders

Batch feeders provide a way to dispense a metered amount of product in bulk into the hopper of a MULTI-FILL volumetric filler. The batch feeder can be fed by a post dumper, a continuous conveyor, a chute from a second floor, or high platform supplied by the customer.

Depending upon the nature of the product, output rates can reach 3,900 pounds per hour. The hopper capacity is approximately 300 liters. First in, first out product flow ensures freshness and maintains product integrity and appearance.

Quick release components allow easy access for maintenance and cleaning. The units are also equipped with tilt-out parts and swing-away safety covers. Tools are not required for disassembly or reassembly.

The batch feed system can be mounted directly on the frame of the MULTI-FILL filling machine. It swings away from the conveyor bed/hopper for cleaning. It is also available as a stand-alone version. It can be used with a MULTI-FILL filler or any other type of conveying system.

Types of products that can be metered by the batch feed system:
  • cooked, dry, IQF rice
  • cooked pasta (short noodles)
  • cut fruits
  • cut vegetables
  • deli-style salads
  • cereal

Watch a batch feeder deposit cooked elbow macaroni noodles (2:01)

Watch a batch feeder deposit IQF fried rice (1:45)

batch feeder for rice, cut fruits and vegetables