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The sacred spaces trail is a map of sacred spaces of all major religions around the university campuses in Manchester (esp. the area around Oxford Road and city centre). Unfortunately its quite a large file, so we have scanned it (as JPG files) in two parts, which may not appear perfectly aligned. 

High resolution coloured image (upper and lower parts)

Low resolution black and white image (upper and lower parts)

 To see the upper and lower parts together in a single page:

See the Sacred spaces trail (black and white and low resolution: 410 KB) here

See the Sacred spaces trail (colour and high resolution: 840 KB) here


Here is a 2004 (old) listing of the major places of worship in Manchester. Note that some of the links may (or will) not work now, and old UMIST has been merged with the old Victoria University of Manchester to form the new University of Manchester.

Religion and places of worship in Manchester

Religious and Cultural Societies in HEI’s

1. UMIST: religious facilities

Christian Chaplaincy Renold building (local base for St Peter's House & Avila House
Jewish Chaplaincy Rabbi Rubenstein (Orthodox) 0161 721 4066
Rabbi Silverman (Reformed) 0161 834 0415 / 834 0514
Islam (no chaplains or ‘counsellors’: usually just a male &
female student in charge of the mosque)

UMIST has its own mosque, which is located in the basement of the Main Building and can be accessed by either stairs or lift. The mosque has a wudu area, shoe shelves, chairs and a small reference library with many Qurans, hadees, Islamic books, video and audio cassettes. There is a ladies' section and ladies' wudu area.
Noticeboards outside the mosque are available for Muslims to place notices or advertisements. Regular Manchester newsletters such as the Companion and Khalifah may also be found here, and are usually free. Prayers are held in Jamaat and Juma with speeches by the Iman. The mosque is open throughout the opening hours of the Main Building.

2. UMIST: cultural/ethnic societies
Chinese Students Society
Christian Union
Eastern European society
Greater Manchester Cypriots Association
Hellenic Society
Indonesian society
International Muslim Affairs
Islamic Society
Jewish Society
Korean Society
Malaysian Society
Mandarin Chinese Society
Mexican Society
National Hindu Students Forum
Nordic Society
Pakistan Society
Persian Society
Sikh Society
Thai Society
The Greater Manchester Cypriots Association
The Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Manchester
Venezuelan Society
Young Jains

3. MAN UNI : religious facilities

St Peter's House: Anglican and Free church chaplaincy for all Manchester HEIs.
Links from hereto all Christian churches in Manchester by guide book or website: . From September base for an internet church:

Also hosting: The Buddhist society for all the HEIs
Manchester Alliance Church (Chinese Protestant)
Manchester Taiwanese church
Manchester Japanese church
Manchester Korean Church
Living Waters (Nigerian church)
Jubilee church (Nigerian/African)
Malayam Congregation (South Indian language Church)

Hijazi Council of Jurists (Islamic law/culture training)

Avila House RC Chaplaincy for Man Uni and UMIST

Jewish chaplaincy: [Orthodox] Hillel House, Greenheyes Lane 07831 253136
email : ; web :

Islamic Prayer Room: currently Ambrose Hall, opp St Peter's House

4. Man Uni cultural/ethnic societies

Bangladesh Students
Chinese Students
Christian Union
Cuba Solidarity
Falun Gong
Friends Of Palestine
Greater Manchester Cypriot Association
International Society
Islamic Society
Jewish Society
Middle Eastern
National Hindu Students Forum
Russian speaking students
Seventh Day Adventist
Singapore Students
Student Association of Muslim Social Scientists
The Arab League
Young Jains Students

St Peter's House Chaplaincy – as for Man Uni

St Augustine’s RC chaplaincy for MMU and RNCM

Jewish chaplaincy: Hillel House. [See above]

Muslim Prayer Room: All Saints site

6. MMU cultural/ethnic societies

African Carribean Society
Asian Society
Buddhist & Meditation Society
Chinese Society
Christian Union
Erasmus-Latino Society
Irish Society
Islamic Society
Jewish Society
National Hindu Students Forum
Sikh Society

Chaplaincies – as for Man Met Uni

No cultural ethnic/societies other than music-based


The University Chaplaincy is located in Chapman Building, near the ground floor entrance to Theatre One. Open from 10.00am to 17.00pm, Mondays to Fridays, the chaplaincy is open to all students and staff. The chaplains on campus are
Anglican Rev. Derek Palmer tel : 0161 295 4660 (mob : 07702 384945)
Catholic Fr. Steven Parkinson tel : 0161 295 5961
Methodist Rev. Ken Stokes tel : 0161 736 1920
Sit and pray; be still for a time in the Quiet Corner; read from one of the books in the chaplaincy library, make yourself a drink & relax, or chat to one of the Chaplains about anything you like - the Chaplaincy is open to people of all religions and none.
There are also Chaplain's offices in Allerton Reception, tel : 0161 295 2040; and at Adelphi, near the cafeteria, tel : 0161 295 6022. Chaplains are available there at given times - see the notice on doors for details.
There is a prayer room for Muslim students and staff in the Newton Annexe on the Peel Campus.

9 Salford Uni: cultural/ethnic societies
Christian Union
Friends of Palestine
Sikh Student
African & Caribbean
Indian Fun

10 . Other local Christian Churches in Manchester

Greek Orthodox
Fr. Gregory Hallam - tel : 0161 285 8587 ; mob : 07780 970884 ;email : ;web :
Fr Ephrem Lash - tel : 0161 881 5774 ; web :
The nearest Greek Orthodox Church is on Bury New Road or in Levenshulme. Details of the various Orthodox Christian communities is available from Fr. Gregory or Fr. Ephrem.

Armenian Orthodox (Upper Brook St)

Coptic Orthodox [Egyptian] HeatonMoor Rd, Heaton Chapel

Eastern Orthodox Christian Church Bury New Road, Salford, M7 4EA

Quakers ( The Religious Society of Friends)
Friends' Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester. Meeting take place on Sundays at 10.30am and Wednesdays at 13.10pm
tel : 0161 834 5797 ; email :
Friends' Meeting House, The Polygon, Eccles. tel : 0161 789 1560. Meeting on Sunday at 10.45am.

Hindi speaking church meeting Sundays at the Methodist International House, Victoria Park

Cross Street Chapel, Manchester - tel : 0161 833 1176 ; email : ; web :

11. Other Faith Communities/ places of worship

Bahai'i World Faith 360 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield Manchester, M14 6AB,
tel : 0161 224 6490

Manchester Buddhist Centre - 16-20 Turner St, Manchester M4 1DZ. tel : 0161 834 9232
And c/o St Peter's House

Temple : Gandhi Hall, Brunswick Street, Withington Manchester. tel : 0161 445 1134

Jain temple:

Hillel House [Orthodox] See above

Manchester Reform Synagogue, [Reform] Jacksons Row, M2
Reform : Rabbi Brian Fox - tel : 0161 428 1999 or 0161 434 6464 ; email :
Menorah [Reform] Synagogue - tel : 0161 428 7746 ; fax : 0161 428 0937

South Manchester Synagogue, Wilbraham Road, Manchester M14 currently closed and awaiting transformation as a Jewish cultural centre.

Muslim – most accessible to the HEIs
Manchester Central Mosque, Upper Park Road, Victoria Park
Cheetham Hill Mosque, 443 Cheetham Hill Road, M8
Didsbury Mosque, 271 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester
The Islamic Academy, 19 Chorlton Terrace, Inchley Road. (off Upper Brook St.)

Also the prayer facilities on campus. See above.

Seventh Day Adventist
Wilbraham Rd Fallowfield

Gurdwara - 61 Upper Chorlton Rd, Manchester M16 7RQ
Gurdwara - Monton Street, Manchester 14
Gurdwara - Monton St/ Upper Lloyd St, Moss Side, Manchester. tel : 0161 226 1131
Gurdwara - 12 Sherbourne St ( off Bury New Road). tel : 0161 832 2241

©St Peter's Chaplaincy May 2004